Woman Tested Positive For Wuhan Virus In South Korea, She Came Home From Thailand

South Korea Confirms 16th Case Of Wuhan Virus, Patient Might Have Been Infected In Thailand

In light of the Wuhan virus outbreak, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued advisories urging Singaporeans to defer their trip to mainland China.

On Tuesday (4 Feb), a South Korean woman tested positive for the Wuhan virus after she allegedly returned from Thailand.


Furthermore, she has no prior record of travelling to China, reports the Bangkok Post.

16th case of Wuhan Virus in South Korea

According to Channel NewsAsia, the 42-year-old Korean woman is the first foreigner infected with the virus after visiting Thailand.

The patient, known only as Patient 16, reportedly travelled back to South Korea on 19 Jan.


1 week later, the patient started “feeling chills” and other related symptoms.

Despite being on treatment for several days, the woman’s condition did not improve.

She tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus on Tuesday (4 Feb).

Patient did not travel to China

What is truly worrying is that the patient reportedly did not visit China where the majority of existing cases are linked to.

However, she did visit Thailand which currently has 19 cases — the most outside mainland China, which recorded more than 20,000 cases thus far.


This perhaps suggests that the virus’ spread could be wider than initially thought.

Low infection rate out of China

Thailand’s Department Of Disease Control, however, assures members of the public that the risk of infection in the county is still low, considering most of the infected are Chinese tourists.

Hence, we can take comfort knowing that the situation in Southeast Asia is still under control.

Furthermore, doctors in Thailand reportedly managed to treat coronavirus patients with a cocktail of flu and HIV drugs.

We need to be mindful of our personal hygiene

With this recent development, it is all the more important to stay alert by practising good hygiene.


Remember to wear a mask if you’re feeling unwell, and wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

By exercising personal responsibility, we can better combat the virus as a nation.

Featured image adapted from Korea Bizwire

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