4-Year-Old Korean Boy Cries When Talking About Parents, Thinks Mum Hates Him & Dad Talks Harshly

Korean Boy Breaks Down While Describing Parents’ Behaviour In Viral Clip From Reality Show

While some of us may have a close bond with our parents, such relationships can get a little complicated for others. Dealing with these issues at an awfully young age, though, can take its toll on kids.

This was the case recently when a four-year-old boy broke down while talking about his parents.

In a viral clip from a Korean reality show, he said he thought his mother hated him and described his father as scary when in a bad temper.

Korean boy talks about parents in viral clip

The viral clip was extracted from an episode of the Korean reality show ‘My Golden Kids’, which features a panel of parenting experts talking to parents who are experiencing difficulties looking after their child.

In the video, the crew behind the camera conversed with the four-year-old boy, first asking who he preferred between his parents.

Source: 채널A WORLD on YouTube

Right away, his first answer was already heartbreaking. “I don’t know,” he said. “I’m alone at home…no one plays with me.”

The camera then cut to his tearful mother, before revealing that true to his claim, the boy was left to play in his room with his toys by himself, his parents nowhere in sight.

Source: 채널A WORLD on YouTube

Boy says father is scary when mad

When asked about his father, the boy said, “He is scary when he is mad.”

The moderator then asked what he would like from his father, to which the boy revealed his simple request, which was:

I hope he can call me nicely. I hope he calls me softly.

Source: 채널A WORLD on YouTube

The child proceeded to demonstrate exactly how he wanted his father to call him — with a soft tone of voice.

At this point, his father became visibly emotional, wiping tears from his eyes.

Source: 채널A WORLD on YouTube

When the conversation turned to his mother, the boy said, “I think she doesn’t like me,” before tearing up as well, wiping his eyes behind his glasses.

Source: 채널A WORLD on YouTube

His mother began to similarly cry, while the child asked for a moment to compose himself.

The moderator eventually questioned if the boy would come clean with his mother about what he felt.

The boy responded by saying that she never listened to him, adding that he wanted her to play with him.

Viewers praise boy’s maturity

The clip of the emotional child later went viral on TikTok, with a post gaining over 24,000 comments, mostly from users expressing their dismay over the boy’s plight.

Many praised his composure, noting that he expressed his feelings very well for someone of such a young age.

Source: TikTok

However, they also pointed out that he was far too young to experience these emotions.

Source: TikTok

One user described the heartbreak of seeing the boy in this devastating situation.

Source: TikTok

In addition, there were those who related to his plight, sharing that the video definitely hit hard for them.

Source: TikTok

There did seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, though.

A commenter said that coming on the show had helped the family greatly, with the boy’s parents now working on communicating better with their child.

Source: TikTok

Family hopefully in better place

Parenting can be tough, especially when it comes to dealing with the sensitivities of young children.

Regardless, making them feel unloved is something that should never be allowed to occur.

Hopefully, the family is now in a better place after gaining a more thorough understanding of their son’s needs.

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