S’porean’s Korean Boyfriend Excitedly Places Cai Png Order At Coffeeshop, Has List Of Steps

Korean Boyfriend Learns To Order Cai Png In Singapore

Cai png is a fuss-free way for anyone and everyone to get an affordable — most of the time, at least — yet satisfying meal.

While it is a popular option for locals, people from other countries seem to enjoy its simplicity as well.

A Singaporean girl’s Korean boyfriend recently learnt how to order cai png at a coffeeshop. He was thrilled, to say the least, to put his new ‘skill’ to the test.

In fact, he was so anxious to get it right that he even prepared a list of steps to follow.

The girl, TikTok user @feliciasonggg, uploaded a video documenting her boyfriend’s attempt at ordering cai png on Sunday (17 Sep).


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Korean boyfriend has notebook listing steps to ordering cai png

In the video, the boyfriend was rehearsing his orders, saying “na ge cai”, which means “that vegetable” in Mandarin.

He even brought his notebook with him as the pair was walking to the coffeeshop.

The notebook had all his handwritten notes and steps that he needed to successfully place his cai png order.

korean boyfriend cai png

Source: @feliciasonggg on TikTok

On top of that, he was practising his enunciation of the orders before launching into an exited spiel in Korean.

Able to order dishes like a true blue Singaporean

Upon reaching the coffeeshop, he confessed to his partner that he was a little nervous to place his cai png order.

When it was his turn to order, he stepped up to the food display, looked at his notebook, and said with confidence, “Fan, dabao!” (“Rice, takeaway!” in Mandarin.)

korean boyfriend cai png

Source: @feliciasonggg on TikTok

“Zhe ge rou, zhe ge rou, na ge cai,” (“This meat, this meat, that vegetable,” in Mandarin) he said as he pointed to the dishes he wanted.

Source: @feliciasonggg on TikTok

Topping off his order, he also requested for curry sauce to go with his cai png.

He broke out into a joyful dance when he realised that he had successfully placed his order like a true blue Singaporean.

Source: @feliciasonggg on TikTok

Although he admitted that he did not really know what exactly the dishes he ordered were, he still enjoyed his meal in the end.

Source: @feliciasonggg on TikTok

This is yet another Singaporean skill the boyfriend has secured under his belt.

Previously, the couple had documented the boyfriend learning how to order Kopi O in Singlish as well.

S’porean’s Korean Boyfriend Orders Kopi O From Kopitiam In Singlish, Excited When He Succeeds

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Featured image adapted from @feliciasonggg on TikTok

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