Kids Place Leaves On Community Cat To Keep It Warm During The Rain

Kids Place Leaves On Community Cat To Keep It Warm

With residents constantly caring for them, community cats are often comfortable with human presence.

Recently, a woman took to Facebook to post about 2 kids she saw placing leaves on and around a community cat.


The lady was initially shocked as she thought the cat had passed on. However, upon closer inspection, she realised the cat was simply lying down calmly and letting the kids place the leaves on and around it.

The kids later explained that they wanted to create a blanket for the cat as they did not want it to be cold when it rains.

Kids place leaves around community cat

On Monday (20 Dec), a lady visited a community cat as part of her regular routine.

However, as she approached the cat, she got a shock as it was lying motionless on top of a drain cover.

Furthermore, there were a bunch of leaves placed on the feline. More leaves were placed neatly in a circle around the cat, which was a rather odd scene.


The lady shared that she initially thought the cat was dead but was relieved after seeing it move.

Kids place leaves on community cat to keep it warm

Turns out, the culprits for the ‘leaf arrangement’ were 2 girls who happened to be around the area. When asked, the kids told the lady that since it may rain, they were afraid the cat would feel cold.


They told her they decided to use leaves to make a ‘house’ and a ‘blanket’ to keep the cat warm.

The lady was touched after hearing the kids’ explanation and stayed to chat with the 2 kids about the cat, whose name’s Precious.

Halfway through their conversation, one of the kids felt the leaves were not enough to keep Precious warm and even went ahead to fetch more leaves.

In her post, the lady said seeing the kids’ kindness first-hand “made her (my) Monday”.

She was also tickled by the fact that Precious was so calm about having leaves placed on him and was even on the verge of falling asleep despite being surrounded by the 2 girls.

Cat probably understand kids meant no harm

It is certainly heartwarming to see kids displaying such acts of kindness towards animals.

Perhaps the community cat understood that the kids meant no harm, which was why it allowed them to place leaves on it.

This also goes to show that humans and animals are capable of co-existing, as long as we treat each other with respect.

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Featured image adapted from Veronica JL NG on Facebook

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