S’pore May Allow Leisure Travel From Covid-Safe Countries To Boost Local Tourism

S’pore May Establish Leisure Travel Green Lanes With Covid-Safe Countries

The Covid-19 pandemic has grounded planes worldwide, dealing a devastating blow to the our travel industry.


While Singapore has built reciprocal green lanes (RGL) for essential business trips with some countries, it remains to be seen if such measures will be extended for leisure travel.

S’pore & Japan About To Agree On Green Lane Travel, Doors May Open In Sep

On Friday (14 Aug) however, Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung shared it might be possible for Singapore to consider restarting leisure travel between Singapore and Covid-safe countries.


Instead of serving the dreaded 14-day quarantine period, tourists will instead undergo a “rigorous testing regime”.

Singapore may establish leisure travel green lane with Covid-safe nations

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Mr Ong said that while the pandemic has set the aviation industry back roughly 4 decades, Singapore has to have the same “hunger and enterprise” as we had back then.


To improve the situation at Changi Airport, Mr Ong said it is possible for Singapore to replicate or expand RGL to allow for bilateral recreational travel.


The RGLs will involve countries which “Covid-19 situation is similar or better than that in Singapore”, reports The Straits Times (ST).

Instead of serving the dreaded 14-day quarantine period, travellers will instead undergo a “rigorous testing regime“.

Some countries have already begun doing so, shared Minister Ong.

Mr Ong also shared that it is possible for Singapore to welcome travellers from Covid-safe countries on a unilateral basis, even if they continue to prohibit Singaporean from entering.


Sure Singapore will carefully consider the risks before opening up

At the time of this article, details on the green lane for leisure travel is scarce. In any case, we are sure the Singapore government will carefully weigh the risks of such a measures and will not open up unnecessarily.

The waters ahead are murky and uncertain, but it’s through taking on calculated risks that will help Singapore mitigate the blows that the storm has brought.

Featured image adapted from Now Boarding by Changi Airport

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