Li Shengwu Donates To WP & PSP, Supports Father’s Political Venture

Li Shengwu Donates To WP & PSP To Help Build A Strong Opposition For S’pore

Though word on the street is that Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong’s brother Mr Lee Hsien Yang won’t be contesting in the upcoming General Election (GE), he has been contributing in other ways.


Among them is raising donations for Progress Singapore Party (PSP) from many supporters, including his own son, Li Shengwu.

Mr Li himself revealed his charitable act on Facebook today (27 Jun), which also went to fellow opposition The Workers’ Party (WP).


Li Shengwu donates because Singapore needs strong opposition

Writing a simple post of few words, Mr Li explains his rationale for donating to the 2 parties:

Singapore needs a strong opposition to prevent abuse of power.

While it’s unclear why he also picked WP, his donation to PSP is probably in support of his father who recently joined the Party.

According to TODAY, Mr Lee’s membership has attracted a torrent of donations and support. Party leader Dr Tan Cheng Bock shared this piece of information while on a walkabout this morning at 726 West Coast Food Centre.

To him, the support was a sign that Singaporeans are hopeful for a party like PSP.

Lee Hsien Yang joined PSP for more transparency

Addressing reporters, Dr Tan also apparently said that Mr Lee joined PSP because “[h]e is not very happy with his brother’s performance”, reports TODAY.


Since he shares values like accountability with Dr Tan, he believes wholeheartedly in PSP’s ideals. TODAY adds that Mr Lee had earlier told reporters of issues he wishes to champion, including:

  • income inequality
  • poverty
  • transparency in governance

Whether he’ll be able to fulfill that intention depends on voters, who ultimately get to decide if his Party wins any constituencies or not.

Help to shape the future of Singapore

Whatever issues you feel strongly for or against, make sure that you vote the right candidates that can help raise your concerns up to Parliament.

At the end of the day, elections rely on the majority vote, so the onus is on us to commit our responsibility to society.

Listen to what candidates have to say, pay close attention to their rallies and remember to vote wisely.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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