Live Streamer In China Dies From Chugging Baijiu, Drank 7 Bottles In 1 Go

Live Streamer In China Passes Away After Drinking 7 Bottles Of Baijiu

A man in China passed away after rapidly chugging seven bottles of a special type of liquor — bai jiu (白酒) — during a live stream.

Authorities found his body in an apartment, hours after the live stream, during which he downed four bottles of the hard liquor.

The 35-year-old live streamer, who goes by the moniker ‘Brother Three Thousand’ (三千哥), reportedly attempted the stunt after losing drinking ‘battles’ to other streamers.

Live streamer in China passes away after chugging baijiu

Speaking to Jimu News, a friend shared that the 35-year-old live streamer, named Wang, was found dead in his apartment at about 1am on 17 May.

Hours ago, he was doing a Douyin live stream at his friend’s house, during which he drank several bottles of alcohol as part of a forfeit.

Source: YouTube

The New Paper reports that this was baijiu, a colourless liquor with an alcohol content of 35% to 60%.

After drinking the third and fourth bottles, he reportedly felt unwell and laid down on the table to recover.

Suspecting that something was wrong, his friend rushed in to stop the live stream and alerted his family. Unfortunately, it was too late by then.

Footage of the attempt has been circulating on social media. In order to prove that he wasn’t cheating, Wang would pour some of the baijiu onto the table before setting it alight.

Source: YouTube

He then chugs the rest of the bottle before repeating the process for the other three bottles.

Viewers stated that he had drunk at least seven bottles of baijiu during the live stream.

Friends and family mourn loss of live streamer

Wang’s friend shared with Jimu News that he was a popular live streamer, earning the adoration of fans due to his honesty during his broadcasts.

He would often drink live as well, prompting his friends to urge him to cut back on his alcohol intake. Wang had reportedly promised to do so, after which the tragedy occurred.

In addition to his wife, Wang reportedly left behind his elderly father and a teenage daughter.

He was the sole breadwinner for his family, who have chosen to cremate his body without opting for an autopsy or an official investigation.

According to The New Paper, Douyin would often shut down Wang’s accounts due to his frequent live streams showing him consuming alcohol.

However, he would proceed to create new accounts, with his latest one having 44,000 followers.

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