Live Streamer In China Showcases Products For 3 Seconds Each, Earns S$18.6M In A Week

Douyin Live Streamer In China Earns Millions From 3-Second Product Promos

Many of us who’ve complained about tiring work days have probably dreamt of miraculously getting rich quickly so we can escape the daily grind. One lucky live streamer in China seemed to have struck gold with her speedy product promotion which has raked in millions.

Showcasing products for only three seconds each on Douyin, Zheng Xiangxiang reportedly earned 100 million yuan (S$18.6 million) in just seven days.

Source: @zheng.xiangxiang2 on Instagram

She has made somewhat of a trademark of herself with her blank expressions and lightning speed moves.

Live streamer shows product, states price & pushes it away

According to 8Days, Zheng’s marketing tactics are simple — someone passes her a box, she picks the product up and mentions its price, then pushes it aside.

She does everything in all of three seconds, so viewers could really blink and miss the items.

Nevertheless, the method has turned out to be immensely successful, with Zheng reportedly drawing 100 million yuan (S$18.6 million) in sales in just a week.

8Days reported that despite the boxes resembling those of luxury brands, the products themselves mostly cost less than 10 yuan (S$1.87) each.

This only makes Zheng’s achievement all the more impressive as she would have to sell millions of items to attain her massive earnings.

Douyin forbids sellers from promoting products with little info

Following her windfall, Douyin introduced a new rule to prevent copycat cases.

Since 27 Oct, the platform has prohibited sellers from showcasing products on live stream without giving much information, noted NextShark.

Sellers who breach the rule may face a fine or have their accounts shut down.

At the time of writing, Zheng’s Douyin account appears to still be up and running. An Instagram account claiming to be her official page also exists.

Hopefully for her fans, this would mean that their favourite live streamer is still doing well. Although perhaps now, she has to adhere to the new rules.

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Featured image adapted from @zheng.xiangxiang2 on Instagram.

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