Livestreamer Raises $708 For Potong Pasir Hawker So She Can Have A Day Off

Livestreamer Raises Money For Potong Pasir Hawker Over 2.5-Hour Livestream

The ongoing pandemic has taken a toll on many small businesses and stalls.

Amongst the hardest hit are hawkers like Mdm Nisah, who is in her 60s and owns a food stall at Potong Pasir.

On Monday (14 Jun), a livestreamer who goes by Max Boimax, live-streamed his visit to Mdm Nisah’s stall, rallying support for her.

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He also got his viewers to donate to her, eventually raising $708.

Seeing the public’s support for her and her stall, Mdm Nisah was moved to tears.

Livestreamer asks for donations for Potong Pasir hawker stall

Despite struggling financially with her business during the pandemic, Mdm Nisah still does her best to help others in need.

Potong Pasir Food Stall Auntie Helps The Needy Despite Own Financial & Family Woes

She also gives any leftover food she has to a mosque.

To garner more support for Mdm Nisah’s stall, M.Ellyshah Muslim Food at Potong Pasir Avenue 3, Boimax decided to livestream his visit to her stall on Monday (14 Jun).

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In the 2.5-hour long livestream, he urged his viewers to visit her stall, saying that she really needs help.

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Alternatively, he also asked viewers to show their support by donating what they could via PayNow.

Currently, Mdm Nisah is reportedly using her CPF funds to pay for her stall’s rental and runs the risk of having to close her business permanently.

This is especially because her stall is currently not on any delivery platform.

Works hard despite struggles

Boimax then highlighted that although Mdm Nisah struggles to walk and has a noticeable limp, she cooks and serves customers on her own almost every day without fail.


Not only that, he shared that Mdm Nisah’s husband has passed on.

She also has 3 children, though one of her sons has passed away, leaving his son, her grandson, in her care.

The taxi driver who first shared Mdm Nisah’s story had noted that she doesn’t wish to ask for monetary help from her children.

$708 raised for Potong Pasir hawker auntie

Using money raised from the livestream, Boimax bought most of the food from Mdm Nisah’s stall and donated them to a nearby mosque, essentially carrying out 2 acts of charity.

Not only did he contribute a large sum to the hawker, but he also fed visitors at the mosque.


Boimax and DiDi BaRong, a man who helped with the livestream, delivered the food to the mosque personally.


Earlier on, Boimax had hoped to raise $300 to let Mdm Nisah have 1 off day to rest her leg ahead of her hospital check-up on Wednesday.

But the pair eventually managed to raise a total of $708 from donations as well as the sale of food at her stall.

They then passed the money in cash over to Mdm Nisah.

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According to Boimax’s Facebook post, Mdm Nisah was so touched that she even teared up seeing the donations.

Show your support for Mdm Nisah

Kudos to Boimax and DiDi BaRong for their efforts in helping Mdm Nisah.

Besides helping to promote her business, they also gave her a much-needed day off.

If you’d like to show your support for her stall, here’s how to get there:

M.Ellyshah Muslim Food
Address: 136 Potong Pasir Ave 3, Singapore 350136
Opening hours: 6am-2.30pm
Nearest MRT: Potong Pasir Station

Indeed, this period has been incredibly tough on hawkers like Mdm Nisah but it is also heartening to see Singaporeans doing their best to support them in their own ways.

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