Kitty Evades Rescue Attempts, Runs Away When Humans Try Getting It

Sometimes we get cases of kittens stuck in trees because they managed to climb up, but resists rescue attempts perhaps due to fear.

This kitty isn’t stuck in a tree, but it’s stuck regardless — in the midst of some bushes at a road divider near Golden Mile Complex and a petrol station.

After rescue attempts proved unsuccessful due to the kitten’s seeming fear of humans, a netizen has taken to Facebook for help.


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has advised the rescuer to seek a professional trapper.

Kitty stuck at Beach Road divider for 4 days

According to staff at the Caltex petrol station near the site, the kitten’s apparently been stuck in the area for 4 days.


As one can see from the image, the divider is teeming with bushes, which makes for a good hiding spot.

While the man isn’t sure if the kitty has an owner, there are no pregnant cats in the area and he theorises that it might be abandoned.

Kitty evades rescue attempts

Traffic is heavy during the day and so it’s proven difficult to attempt any rescues during normal hours.

The kitten apparently will only cry out loudly at night.

At the time of writing, the latest of the rescue attempts was 6am this morning (9 Mar), the man told MS News.

In a short video, the cat can be seen meowing in the bushes, but keeping its distance away from the person behind the camera.


Although 6 able men ventured on the mission, the kitty is too tiny and keeps running away, making the situation difficult.

Given the high traffic during the day, it’s likely that the cat is still in the area presently.

Professional trapper needed

Since current efforts have failed, the next avenue seems to be engaging a professional trapper.

According to the man, SPCA is also contacting the area caregiver to see if he can do something about the situation.

Who’d think that a tiny kitty could prove so elusive?

The first priority has to be to rescue it, of course. Things can get dicey if the kitty runs out on the road, for example.

Perhaps with the help of a professional, we can secure the kitty’s safety. Anywhere is better than being stuck in the middle of a road, even if it’s within bushes.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.