Lot One Outlet Sold 6 TOTO Winning Tickets Since Oct, Including 2 Top Prizes

Lot One Outlet Sold 6 TOTO Winning Tickets After Opening In Oct 2021

On Friday (11 Feb), Singaporeans were all abuzz due to the TOTO Hongbao Draw, causing the top prize to snowball to $19.4 million.

When the dust settled, 8 winners shared the Group 1 prize, but it didn’t take long for some to notice where the winning tickets were purchased.

Notably, 1 was from a newly opened Singapore Pools outlet in Lot One mall.


Despite this outlet having opened just about 4 months ago, it’s already produced 6 winners – 2 top prizes and 4 Group 2 prizes.

Lot One Singapore Pools opened in Oct

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the Singapore Pools outlet in Lot One opened sometime in Oct 2021.

It’s located on the 3rd level of the mall conveniently located right next to Choa Chu Kang MRT station.


Despite its short span of existence, it’s gained quite a reputation for producing winning tickets.

1st winning ticket after 1 month

Here are the winning tickets sold by the outlet in just 4 months.


According to Singapore Pools’ records, the 1st winning ticket bought there won the top prize on 15 Nov – barely a month after the outlet opened.

The lucky punter won $3,612,023—sharing the Group 1 prize of $10,836,071 with 2 others.

They got the ticket via the iTOTO – System 12 method.

2 Group 2 winners in 2 months

This excellent start for the Lot One outlet was followed by 2 Group 2 winning tickets in the next 2 months.

In the 27 Dec draw, a Group 2 winner, buying via 1 QuickPick Ordinary Entry, won a tidy sum of $124,812.


That could buy a small HDB flat in a mature estate.

On 10 Jan, a punter who bought via iTOTO – System 12 won $85,925.


3 winners on 11 Feb alone

The Lot One outlet outdid itself in the 11 Feb Hongbao Draw, producing 3 winners on that day.

Besides 1 of the top prize winners, it also sold 2 Group 2 winning tickets.

While we all know that each Group 1 winner got a cool $2,427,114, the 42 Group 2 winners didn’t fare too badly either.

They each got $77,154 – not a sum to quit your job over, but more than many people earn in 1 year.


$6.4 million winnings in 4 months

Putting that into perspective, the total amount of winnings from the Lot One outlet is $6,404,182.

While most Singapore Pools outlets have sold more winning tickets, they’ve also been open for much longer than 4 months.

With such good odds, it’s no wonder the outlet saw snaking queues before the draw.


Is CCK a huat estate?

Besides the Lot One outlet, it didn’t escape attention that another winning ticket on 11 Feb was sold by a different authorised retailer in CCK.

It was a 7-Eleven outlet in Block 689B Choa Chu Kang Drive.


Since 2014, this branch has produced 18 winning tickets, including 2 Group 1 prizes.


This should lead superstitious Singaporeans to the question: Is CCK a huat estate?

Gamble responsibly within your means

For the Lot One outlet, at least 1 winning ticket per month is nothing to sniff at.

For residents, that can be a double-edged sword. It may be nice to have a “lucky outlet” in your estate, but long queues will form often.

That said, while it’s fun to take note of huat outlets where you can try your luck, do ensure that you gamble responsibly and within your means.

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Featured image adapted from Lianhe Zaobao.

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