Lotte Yogurt Jelly Sour Edition Spotted In Thailand Convenience Stores

If you relied on extremely sour lemon Warhead sweets to stay awake during long mugging sessions, Lotte’s new gummy will definitely hit the spot.

A sour edition of their insanely popular yogurt jelly was spotted on convenience store shelves in Thailand, and we’ll dive right into the netizen’s detailed review in this article.


You can identify them easily on shelves by their cheeky packaging — look out for a tongue-wagging winky face.

Extremely sour gummies that taste like Yakult

For the uninitiated, each packet of Lotte’s Yogurt Jelly comes in an adorable Yakult-bottle shaped plastic ziplock packaging, containing scores of two-toned bottle gummies.


The regular flavour tastes just like Yakult – everyone’s favourite probiotic drink – and is a satisfyingly chewy snack to accompany most late night study sessions.


Sour Edition gummies, however, come coated in a thin sugared coating that creates the sour sensation in your mouth.


According to Kinnhom, packets of Sour Lotte Yogurt Jelly were spotted on convenience store shelves across Thailand, saving us the trouble of having to dabao them all the way from Korea.

Lotte Sour Yogurt Jelly on StarryMart – S$3.20 (£1.80) 

Prices listed on a UK shopping site which is currently sold out, has a gummy packet of 80g going for about S$3.20.

We surmise that if you’re lucky enough to chance upon them in Bangkok, they’ll be priced cheaper, thanks to more favourable exchange rates.

Get your shots of yogurt in gummies

You may be curious if a yogurt gummy would taste any good. Safe to say, if you enjoy Yakult or Vitagen – which is an acquired taste – you’ll definitely love these sweets.


But to be safe, we’d recommend that giving the regular flavour a try first, before getting your hands on the sour version.


If you’re headed to Korea this Christmas, do lookout for the signature piles of packets in Lotte Marts. Feel free to grab a few extra packs for the fam, as they’ll run out quickly.


Regular packets of Lotte Yogurt Jelly are also available in Singapore’s 7-Eleven stores and most Korean supermarkets.

We’ve reached out to 7-Eleven Singapore to see if they’ll be importing these packets to our shores soon.

Dabao back to Singapore please

If you’re heading to Bangkok on a shopping trip soon, best to add this to your dabao list.

We’re sure the kiddos at home will love squealing around the Christmas tree as they compete to see who can tahan the most sourness.

Is Lotte’s Sour Yogurt Jelly the next Himalayan Salt Candy? Or are you adverse to sour sweets in general? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Kinnhom on Instagram.