Louis Vuitton Has Online Store And Same-Day Delivery In Singapore

Online orders and doorstep deliveries are a godsend even for the high SES. Sure, going down to the stores – lavish Louis Vuitton stores especially – is quite an experience, but sometimes, we’d rather just stay home and order from our iPad or phone.

Louis Vuitton had opened its online and delivery store to Singapore in early Oct. The service was first launched 14 years ago and is now available in 25 countries, including Singapore.

Delivery via man in suit & other perks

Having your LV goods delivered online comes with its own set of perks.

Not only is there complimentary same-day delivery, the items will also be delivered via a man in a suit.

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Other personalisation services include hot stamping and engraving. You can stamp or engrave words and letters on items like luggage tags, purses, and even perfume bottles.

With this service, your gift won’t just be a multi-dollar purchase, it’ll be a unique one from the heart.

Image result for louis vuitton delivery boxClassic LV delivery box

Delivery times & conditions

There will be some conditions which you will have to pay attention to when ordering your items for delivery.


For same-day deliveries, you’ll have to place your order before 12 noon, which makes sense because it would be absurd to place your order at 11.50pm and still expect LV to deliver the items on the same day. Yes, they are a luxury brand of the highest tier, but still, there are some things which are logistically unfeasible.

You can also choose to go down to the store to collect your item, although that kinda defeats the purpose of online orders.

Happy shopping for luxury goods! And if you have already, maybe you can share some pictures of the suave, suited man.

Featured image adapted from WWD.