Johor Bahru Causeway Sees Low Traffic With Drop In Singapore Visitors Due To Covid-19 Worries

The Causeway linking Singapore to Malaysia via Woodlands and Johor Bahru (JB) is notorious for being jammed, especially on weekends and evenings.

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Singapore worsened, however, there has been far less traffic on the Causeway.

Yesterday (19 Feb) evening, the Causeway was practically empty during peak hour around 6.45pm. Netizens took to various channels to report the rare sight.

Take a look at some of the pictures below.



Causeway was empty due to lack of Singaporean traffic

Over the last couple of weeks, traffic on the Causeway has dramatically reduced.

Many speculate that it’s due to fears of spreading Covid-19 even further.

It’s so empty that there’s barely even a queue for customs.


Here’s the Causeway on a typical day, just under a month ago on 28 Jan.

Image from @SGCustom Telegram channel

Here it is yesterday.

Image from @SGCustom Telegram channel

Certainly a far cry from the usual volume of traffic.

Image from SGCustom Telegram channel

Both Malaysians & Singaporeans not willing to take risks

Raj, a Malaysian who visits Singapore often, told Malaysian English daily The Star,

I love the shopping and food in Singapore, and go there quite often. But safety is the priority now. I’m not taking any risks.

Apparently, many Singaporeans feel the same way about going to Malaysia.

A Malaysian hotel secretary told The Star that the hotel industry had seen a drop in visitors from Singapore since the outbreak began in late Jan.

She added that a “significant number” of Singaporeans had cancelled their bookings at the hotel she works at.

Retail sectors taking a blow

Both countries’ retail sectors have been hit hard by Covid-19. Singapore’s Budget 2020 included measures to cope with a possible economic downturn.

ST reported that some business owners they interviewed saw 50-60% declines in sales.

Unfortunately, it seems like the first 2 quarters aren’t going to be good for both countries.

Nevertheless, we have to remain vigilant and power through this tumultuous period. If we could overcome SARS 17 years ago, we can overcome Covid-19.

Featured image adapted from The Star.