Photo Of Maid’s Dinner Sparks Debate On Helpers Eating Leftovers

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Viral Facebook Post Sparks Debate On Feeding Your Maid Leftovers

“Don’t let food go to waste.”

No matter how much we complain about eating leftovers, we’ve heard this lecture time and time again from our parents, uncles and aunties. So it’s fair to say that we’ve all experienced eating our own leftovers.

But a recent Facebook post seems to take “leftovers” to a whole new level.

A maid working in Singapore took a photo of what she claims was her “dinner”. She says that she eats her employer’s leftovers for dinner every day.

We’re not sure how reliable these claims are but if true, this is the saddest “dinner” we’ve ever seen.



Sarcasm and sympathy 

Reactions online were varied. Some netizens believe that there’s “nothing wrong” with eating leftovers.



Others cheekily compared it to the government’s “zero food waste” campaign. 


Others asked her to buy her own food.



But many were disappointed by people’s “lack of empathy”.


Since the report isn’t verified yet, we’re all waiting for MOM to step in.


What to feed your helpers?

Regardless of the responses on social media, we think that this isn’t the best way to feed any human being.

Even MOM strongly believes that you should give “adequate food” to your maid. The ministry recommends:

  • Breakfast: 4 slices of bread with spread
  • Lunch and dinner: 1 bowl of rice + three-quarter cup of cooked vegetables + palm-sized amount of meat (fish/poultry/beef/lamb) + fruit

For pete’s sake, they do so much–the least we can do is feed them right.

Featured image from Facebook.

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