Majulah Singapura Plays In Asian Grocery Store In The US & S’poreans Are Shook

Majulah Singapura Plays In US Asian Grocery Store

Customers of an Asian grocery store in the US were treated to some spectacular Singaporean music as they went around filling their baskets with noodles, rice and spicy condiments. Our National Anthem.

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Twitter user @AHandfulOfDirt recorded the incident on 25 Aug, while expressing his perplexity. You can view the video here.


Unfortunately, as the glorious music rang through the aisles, we saw no one standing at attention, fist to the heart and singing along with pride.

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Singaporeans are shook

Singaporean Twitter users were equally shook.

One user expressed excitement that our anthem was being played in a country nearly 15,000km away.


Another user admonished the store’s customers for paying no attention to the anthem.


Yet another surmised that the owner of the store must be a Singaporean. Why else would anyone play the Singapore National Anthem?


Finally, one user wondered if PM Lee’s National Day Rally was played as well. That would certainly have given certain Singaporean shoppers more incentive to just hang out in the store.


It’s always nice to see an element of Singapore overseas — and especially so if you’re living abroad and miss home.

Here’s to hoping all things Singaporean get more airtime and love overseas.

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Featured images adapted from Are We There Yet and Google Maps.

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