S’porean Loses Prada Wallet In JB, Kind M’sian Grab Driver Travels Over 200km To Return It

M’sian Grab Driver Travels From Malacca To JB To Return S’porean Man His Wallet

Many of us who visit Johor Bahru (JB) for a day trip rely on taxis and private-hire vehicles to get around.

Mr Mak, a 31-year-old Singaporean, was no exception.

Last Saturday (4 Jan) at around 9pm, Mr Mak took a Grab car in JB but left his Prada wallet in the vehicle. By the time he realised it was missing, the driver was already in Melaka.


Fortunately for Mr Mak, the kind driver was willing to go the extra mile, quite literally, to return the wallet to him.

Only realised wallet was missing after dinner

Mr Mak told Malaysian daily China Press that he only noticed his wallet – which contains several hundred dollars in cash – was missing when he wanted to pay for his dinner.


Probably worried, he informed Grab of his situation via the ride-hailing company’s app on his way back to Singapore.

Soon after, Mr Mak received a call from Mr Sateesh, his Grab driver, who said he’d check the car for the wallet.

Mr Sateesh called again around midnight to inform Mr Mak that he had found the wallet on the rear seat.

Grab driver drove 222 km from Malacca to JB to return wallet

The pair agreed to meet at a petrol kiosk near JB Sentral bus terminal at around 5pm on Sunday (5 Jan).

Mr Sateesh, who was in Malacca, drove 222km to JB to personally return the wallet.

Mr Mak was deeply touched by his actions, knowing full-well that the journey must’ve been pretty arduous.


That all his valuables remained intact surprised Mr Mak, who supposed that Mr Sateesh had picked up several passengers after him.

Regardless, he was immensely thankful and expressed his gratitude in a lengthy Facebook post commending the driver.

Faith in humanity restored

Mr Mak said that this incident “keeps [him] believing in humanity” and wrote the post to thank Mr Sateesh who literally went the extra mile for him.

While Mr Sateesh’s actions were no doubt heartwarming, we hope this also serves as a reminder for all of us to be mindful with our belongings, especially when we’re overseas.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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