Malaysian Couple Has Under S$400 Wedding Without Photographers, Huge Feast Or Dais

Malaysian Couple Spends Less Than S$400 On Simple Wedding

Weddings often cause major headaches for young couples who struggle to save up for the event of their lifetimes.

A Malaysian couple, however, decided that they didn’t need the glitz and glam most others chase and settled for a fuss-free wedding instead.

By fuss-free we mean no feast, dais, photographer and the works — just their closest friends and family as guests.

Malaysian couple skipped on even the basics

Sharing only two amateur snapshots from their ceremony, the couple listed all the things present and absent there.


Among the basic features missing from their wedding were:

  • Dais (‘thrones’ for the couple to sit on)
  • Wedding photography
  • Kompang (Malay drums) procession
  • Silat (artistic martial arts performance)
  • DJ in charge of music
  • Wedding cake
  • Bridal footwear
  • Bridesmaids
  • Honeymoon

And perhaps most heartbreaking of all is that the bride got married in the absence of her dearly beloved parents.

But the things they made sure they had were those close to their hearts, which proved that there’s no need for a lavish wedding as long as the people you love are around.

Honourable guests included the bride’s:

  • 7 siblings
  • Close friends
  • Neighbours
  • Teachers
  • Aunts
  • Groom’s extended family

The ceremony was a simple feast accompanied with prayer supplications, all possible with the help of the people listed above.

And the couple’s total expenditure reportedly amounted to less than RM1,000 (S$330), which included a RM500 (S$165) dowry and a gold ring.

No need for grandeur when love is sincere

Aware that many kaypoh aunties and uncles would ask why they’re scrimping so much on an important occasion, the bride explained their reasons in six simple points:

  1. She accepted her husband in the name of God
  2. They had spent a lot on buying their new home
  3. They’ve both struggled with being poor
  4. Their money often goes towards feeding the homeless
  5. Her siblings are staying at an orphanage
  6. The groom has sacrificed a lot to help the bride and her many siblings


At the end of the day, how lavish the wedding is doesn’t matter, as long as they had the chance to profess their love in front of the people they care about.

May they live a happy life together

The joy in the couple’s faces are enough proof that material concerns shouldn’t be a big deal when it comes to marrying the person you love.

So if your turn comes around, remember not to stress out too much about the money.

The event is about you and your significant other after all, not about the expectations of society.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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