Malaysians Can Do Home Quarantines From 10 Jun, No Need For LoU & Journey Permission

Many Malaysians were stranded from their families when the country imposed a lockdown in Mar, but things are finally starting to look up.

Malaysians overseas can be reunited with their families from 10 Jun, their Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday (9 Jun).


There will be no need for them to obtain a Letter of Undertaking (LoU) as well as a Journey Permission from the Malaysian Missions. Of course, this means they won’t need to pay any bills for a stay at a quarantine centre.

Previously, Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had announced their reopening on 7 Jun and transition into a recovery phase, which’ll last until 31 Aug.

LoU and Journey Permission no longer needed

Before 7 Jun, Malaysians returning from overseas had to obtain an LoU for their 14-day quarantine at a hotel.

The LoU was required to pay the fees for their stay.

From tomorrow onwards, this won’t be needed anymore, as they can do a home quarantine.

It’ll be a big relief to those hesitant to go back before, even if they need to do a swab test when they arrive at Malaysian airports.


However, those who break the terms of their home quarantine will be fined ~S$325 (RM1,000) and charged in court.

Those currently staying at quarantine centres during their 14-day quarantine will be allowed to go home to serve the rest of their stay, The Star reports.

Reunions for Malaysians doing home quarantine

Many have chosen to stay put overseas despite the separation, including those in Singapore who have to work without being able to go home.

For some, this will be almost 4 months since they returned home to their families.

While Singapore and Malaysia are still working out details for cross-border travel between the two neighbours, they may now have the choice of going home first before deciding what to do next.

If Malaysians are allowed to travel back to Singapore, they can continue working without being separated from their families.

Featured image adapted from Analytics Insight.