Mom Allegedly Discovers Dead Lizard in MamyPoko Diaper

Taking care of a toddler is never easy.

You need to buy clothes, toys and everything else they need on a daily basis. It’s fair to say that it’s a never-ending cycle of returning to the mall, checking out products and making a purchase.

This mundane experience has now turned into a nightmare for one Singaporean mom. She allegedly found a dead–and rotting–lizard in a MamyPoko diaper. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, she recalled the experience:


Check before you wear

The MamyPoko diaper was bought from the NTUC FairPrice at Jurong Point.


She wrote that the diaper was the first piece from a newly unopened packet. Once she opened the pack, she immediately put the diaper on her daughter.

To prove that there were no holes that the lizard could come from, she uploaded photos of the packaging . She also confirmed that she never left the pack opened and unattended.


The only opening was the tear she had made to get the diaper.


She only found the dead lizard when her daughter screamed.


Where did it come from?

Her post has sparked a debate on cyberspace with many wondering about the origins of the dead lizard.

A netizen pointed out that it was a factory problem.


Some think that the pack was left open.


Others believed that someone wanted to frame the MamyPoko brand.


Whatever the case, a lot of moms are on alert.


What happens next?

The mom plans to send the diaper to the National Environment Agency and contact MamyPoko pants directly.

In a statement posted on their website, MamyPoko said that they “will take all appropriate steps to thoroughly investigate” the incident.

They also said that they will take steps to make sure that their products are “as safe and hygienic as possible”.

This is the full statement from MamyPoko:

In the meantime, moms and dads, be sure to check diapers properly before putting it on your toddlers and babies.

Here’s hoping that this will never happen again!

Featured image from Facebook.