Man In China Falls Asleep When Trying Out S$3,800 Mattress, Wakes Up The Next Day & Buys It

Man Falls Asleep On Mattress & Decides To Buy It The Next Day

Before committing to a purchase, some of us prefer trying it out first at a brick-and-mortar store to ensure 100% satisfaction.

This was the case for a man in China who was trying out a mattress in a local mall. He ended up falling into a sleep so deep the store left him there to get his much-needed rest.

Upon waking up, the man decided to purchase the mattress at a whopping S$3,823, evidently impressed with the service he got.

Man falls asleep on mattress

According to Chinese news site, on 27 Sep, a man in Zhejiang province, China, was in the market for a good mattress.

Most of the time, customers aren’t allowed to lie on them for hygiene purposes. But this store had no issues with letting the tired man sink into a deep slumber when testing one out.

Source: Weibo

Instead of waking him up, the store chose to let him have his rest, even turning off the lights and covering him with a blanket.

“He slept there, fell asleep and started snoring,” the store owner said in an interview with local media.

Wakes up & buys S$3,823 mattress

Upon waking up the next day, the man proceeded to buy the mattress he fell asleep on.

A receipt provided by the shop shows that it cost a whopping ~S$3,823 (19,000 yuan).

Source: Weibo

The incident has gained quite a bit of attention from netizens in China. Many said the price of the mattress was far too steep, and the man may have had one of the most expensive naps of his life.

However, others pointed out that the mattress had undoubtedly proved its worth by causing the man to fall asleep the second he tested it. As such, it more than earned its exorbitant price.

A few netizens praised the store for letting the man sleep instead of waking him up. After all, not every shop would employ such a tactic for a customer who overstays their welcome.

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Featured image adapted from Weibo.

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