Netizens Praise Man For Cleansing Negative Energy Along HDB Corridor

More often than not, bad neighbours tend to make headlines when frustrated residents air their grievances. However, some good neighbours help to look out for us without us knowing.

A netizen shared on Facebook that a man was seen splashing water with some leaves along the HDB corridor on Sunday (12 Sep) night.

Upon posting, many netizens praised the man for helping to cleanse negative energy for his neighbours.

Man uses leaves & water to cleanse negative energy for neighbour

A man was recently seen using some leaves to splash water around his neighbour’s door and the HDB lift lobby on Sunday (12 Sep) night.

The man started splashing a few droplets of water outside the OP’s house.


He later moved on to the lift lobby to sprinkle water on the lifts and the surrounding area.


According to Chinese beliefs, such an action is a ritual to ward off evil spirits or negative energy around the area.

Netizens praise the man

Though this behaviour might seem odd to some, many netizens understood that it was a way of cleansing negative energy.

Some told the OP that he should be grateful for having such a good neighbour that looks out for others.


Others also said that perhaps there was “something” there that others couldn’t see.


A few mentioned that the OP’s house was in an unfavourable position according to certain beliefs since it was facing the long corridor.


Most of the comments praised the man for looking out for his neighbours and hoped that others would not insult his actions.


Looking out for your neighbours

Since the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival ended last week, the man likely wanted to ensure that evil spirits were completely warded off.

Although we may never know his true intentions, we appreciate that he appears to be looking out for his neighbours in his special way.

Have you encountered neighbours who look out for others? What did they do? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook