S’porean man fined for snatching ex-girlfriend’s phone after seeing her with another man

Singaporean man fined after snatching ex-girlfriend’s phone

A Singaporean man was fined for snatching his ex-girlfriend’s phone in June 2022.

Cable technician Kalidasan Panneer Selvam had planned to meet the woman after the couple broke up but instead spotted her with another man.

Out of rage and jealousy, the 31-year-old man yelled at his ex-girlfriend and refused to return her mobile device.

Confronted ex-girlfriend after seeing her with another man

According to Channel NewsAsia(CNA), Kalidasan was previously in a relationship with the 38-year-old victim.

Even though the couple broke up in May 2022, Kalidasan still felt strongly for the woman and went to her office on 6 June in hopes of meeting her.

Upon arriving, Kalidasan saw his ex-girlfriend boarding a car with another man.

In a rage, Kalidasan knocked on the car window and questioned the woman about who the man was. She replied that the man was her friend.

Kalidasan grew jealous and started calling his ex-girlfriend different slurs while spitting on the floor.

Source: kieferpix on Canva. For illustration purposes only.

Looked through ex’s phone for evidence of relationship

Per CNA, Kalidasan later snatched the victim’s phone out of her hand and bolted to a building nearby.

He subsequently went through her messages and photos in an attempt to find evidence that she was in a relationship with the other man.

After a few minutes of snooping, Kalidasan approached his ex-girlfriend again and continued yelling at her while she asked for her phone back.

The two began fighting for the mobile device, however, Kalidasan eventually won the tug-of-war and rode home with the woman’s phone.

Returned phone after orders from police

One of the victim’s friends then called the police claiming that “there was a guy harassing a girl and laying hands on her”.

Kalidasan eventually returned the phone through his ex-girlfriend’s friend, after being told to do so by an investigation officer.

On Thursday (13 June), a district court judge fined Kalidasan S$800 for one count of using criminal force on the victim.

As Kalidasan pleaded guilty and this was his first offence, the judge and prosecution felt a fine would be appropriate.

Kalidasan could have been jailed for up to three months, fined up to S$1,500 or both for the offence.

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