Police Investigating Man Who Pooped In Full View Of Others At Marina Bay Sands

Man With Pants Down Squats To Poop Openly At Marina Bay Sands

UPDATE (1 Nov, 2.55pm): TODAY reported that the police are investigating the man caught squatting to poop at Marina Bay Sands recently.

Even in desperate moments, one should pee or poop in the nearest restroom, or at least out of sight. Yet, a recently viral photo showed a man openly defecating in full view inside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), no less.

The man in question pulled his pants down and squatted to poop right in front of a glass window.

In fact, he appeared to do so right beside an entrance to the popular shopping mall, apparently with no shame.

The photo widely shocked and even disgusted many netizens, some of whom made jokes about the situation.

Man squats to poop at Marina Bay Sands

When one envisions MBS, one would likely expect a shiningly clean establishment with fancy shops and polished floors and walls.

But recent visitors to the mall were shocked instead by the sight of a man squatting and pooping in full view of everyone.

A photo posted on Facebook pages Kakis’ Club and SG Kaypoh 人 captured him seemingly doing the deed right by a floor-to-ceiling glass panel. In the reflection was a view of the Esplanade situated opposite The Shoppes at MBS.

Source: SG Kaypoh 人 on Facebook

The man even appeared to be next to a black welcome mat that indicated an entrance into the frequented location.

Netizens shocked & confused

The revolting photo shocked netizens, some of whom expressed sympathy for the MBS cleaner who would have had to mop up the poop.

Source: Reddit

Another joked that the man may have done the deed to ‘break’ the casino’s fengshui and win some money gambling.

Source: Facebook

One commenter pointed out that the MBS toilets are free to use and extremely clean, comparing them to a vacation spot. Thus, they felt confused at why the man did his business in the open instead of heading to a nearby restroom.

Source: Reddit

Lastly, a number of doubters questioned the authenticity of the photograph, suggesting the work of Photoshop. Others, however, argued that the reflection lined up as proof of its authenticity.

Source: Facebook

In response to queries from MS News, an MBS spokesperson said they are aware of the incident and are looking into it.

Meanwhile, the police are apparently investigating the man involved in the incident, said TODAY on Wednesday (1 Nov).

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Featured image adapted from SG Kaypoh 人 on Facebook and @rrrvan on Unsplash.

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