Marina Way Road Barrier Sees CBD Workers Climbing Over Fence, Removed After Complaints Go Viral

Marina Way Road Barrier Reportedly Removed After Complaints On TikTok Go Viral

Singapore is notorious for its fast-paced environment. You can always find people rushing from point A to point B on any given day.

However, passengers who alight at Marina Bay may face a huge roadblock if they’re ever running a little late.

On Tuesday (5 Apr), a TikToker recently shared his daily struggle at Marina Way Road as he would need to make a detour just to cut across the road in front of him.


the purpose of putting a barrier here? #fyp

♬ pluto projector – al

Due to this inconvenience, many office workers would climb over the barrier instead. Netizens concurred with the TikToker that there was little purpose in having the barrier there.

After these complaints, on Saturday (9 Apr), the TikToker updated that the barrier had been removed.

TikToker questions purpose of Marina Way Road barrier

On Tuesday (5 Apr), the TikToker posted a video questioning the need for the barrier along Marina Way Road.


The barrier appears to block pedestrians from accessing the walkway and jaywalking across the road to the other side, where the Marina One building is.

Soon, the video went viral, garnering over 210,500 views at the time of writing.

The TikToker shared in another video that if one were to abide by the rules and follow the paved pathway to the traffic light, the walk would take about 2 minutes.


Some commented that the barriers were placed to prevent people from jaywalking across the road.

One netizen, who claimed to work for the Land Transport Authority (LTA), shared that this was done after building management and drivers lodged complaints about jaywalkers.

Many choose to climb over barrier

Despite that, the dirt path leading to the barriers appears to be well-trodden. Many choose to climb over the barriers as a workaround to save time.

marina way road barrierSource

The Tiktoker captures footage of several people decked out in full office attire scaling the barriers to get across.

marina way road barrierSource

He shares that this happens every day.

Barrier reportedly removed

Just 4 days after his first video complaining about the barrier, on Saturday (9 Apr), the TikToker shared an update about the situation.

According to him, the barrier has now been removed.


Reply to @jaysukk they remove the barrier!! woo!! Happy me !! #marinabay #fyp

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He films himself walking through the path, sharing that there’s no longer a need to walk one big round or climb over a barrier.

marina way road barrierSource

Pedestrians can now make the necessary shortcut without making a whole detour.

This revelation and quick turnaround amazed netizens who pat themselves on the back for fixing this mundane issue.


It looks like this change is a much-welcomed one for everyone who has business in that part of Marina Bay.

An added convenience for pedestrians in the area

Sometimes, you can find help in the most unexpected of places. This time TikTok has once again come through to fix a small issue in the community.

Those who work in the area and take the path daily will surely be glad to enjoy this added convenience.

While it is unclear if the removal of the barrier along Marina Way Road is permanent, it looks like the pedestrians – and the TikTok community – have won, at least for now.

Hopefully, the news of the barrier’s removal will turn at least one salaryman’s Monday blues right around.

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