Banner in Jurong advertising massage services for kids shows them topless, TCM clinic changes graphics

TCM clinic’s banner promoting massage services for kids causes discomfort

Recently, a Reddit user shared a photo of a banner in Jurong advertising massage services for children.

Images on the banner showed topless children receiving massages, which disturbed netizens.

Source: Reddit

The clinic has since changed the banner’s graphics.

Netizens disturbed by topless images of children in massage advertisement

In the comments under the Reddit post, many took issue with the pictures used in the banner.

One netizen pointed out that all the images showed topless children.

Source: Reddit

In the advertisement, two of the three images even showed the children’s faces.

Another user, also expressing their discomfort with the photos, said that “kids shouldn’t ever need such massages”.

Source: Reddit

TCM clinic offers ‘tui na’ massage services for children to boost immunity

According to the advertisement, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic offers tui na or therapeutic massages for kids.

The clinic claimed on the banner that children require such massages to “cope with stress” and “build immunity”.

According to Eu Yang Sang TCM Clinic, this type of massage helps to stimulate certain acupuncture points to improve a child’s natural immunity. It is also mostly done for children aged between six months and seven years old, noted PULSE TCM.

Speaking to MS News, a physician from the clinic behind the banner highlighted that children need to be accompanied by a parent during the procedure.

She additionally emphasised that the clinic’s physicians are registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Its therapists have also received local certificates and are registered with SPF.

Clinic apologises for pictures used, makes changes to banner

Asked about the clinic’s comments towards the pictures used in the banner, the physician apologised for the discomfort that may have ensued. She also stated that it was never the clinic’s intention to have such an effect.

“We just wanted to show potential customers our range of TCM services offered by our all-female masseuse team which include massage for infants and kids,” she said.

Since the incident, the clinic has made changes to the graphics on its new banner.

The physician reiterated that the business is legitimate and is focused on helping both adults and children boost their health with TCM.

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