Man Allegedly Masturbates To Woman On S’pore Bus, She Warns Commuters To Be Careful

Man Allegedly Masturbates To Woman On Singapore Bus As She Was Asleep

Many tired commuters take the opportunity to repay their sleep debts whenever they’re on a long bus ride.

A woman who was catching some shuteye during her recent commute, however, allegedly found herself being the subject of an elderly man’s sexual stimulation.

Source: Facebook

Shocked by the encounter, the lady took the opportunity to warn other commuters to be vigilant and careful during their trips.

Lady sleeping on bus awoken by continuous ringing noises

On Thursday (20 Apr), a user named Chun Yi (transliterated from Chinese) took to Facebook to share the nasty encounter she recently had.

According to her, she had fallen sleep for about 30 minutes on the upper deck of a double-decker bus when she kept hearing ringing sounds coming from next to her.

Initially, she did not think much about it and merely ‘side-eyed’ the uncle sitting across her, wondering what he was doing that was making the noise.

Despite the noise, Chun Yi somehow succumbed to her fatigue and went back to sleep.

However, the noise continued and she was awoken for a second time.

As Chun Yi looked over and stared at the uncle, she found herself locking gazes with the elderly man in brown. She somehow managed to fall asleep again.

Elderly man allegedly moans & masturbates to woman on Singapore bus

Apparently, the sound got louder and Chun Yi stirred awake soon after for the third time.

Out of the blue, she was reminded of her boyfriend’s cautionary tale about a man who’d masturbate to girls on the bus.

Chun Yi fully awakened from her slumber at the thought of that and glanced over with her eyes half-opened.

As she looked over, she purportedly saw the uncle making dramatic gestures while letting out audible moans.

Chun Yi recalled being at a loss about what do to next but knew she couldn’t continue sleeping, so she proceeded to put on her earphones and used her phone.

Upon seeing this, the man allegedly stopped moaning and slowed down his movements too.

Aware of what was happening, Chun Yi followed other commuters who were alighting and went to the lower deck of the bus.

The uncle allegedly followed her down and got off soon after at an undisclosed bus stop.

Source: Facebook

While Chun Yi did not manage to film the uncle ‘in action’, she managed to capture footage of him as he was alighting.

Netizens’ friend records video of uncle as he allegedly masturbates on bus

Chun Yi’s post has since gone viral with over 500 shares at the time of writing.

A number of netizens pointed out that she should’ve informed the bus captain and reported the incident to the police.

Source: Facebook 
Translation: If you encounter such a situation in the future, you can inform the bus driver. He will help you make a police report.

Coincidentally, one user shared that her friend was behind the uncle and had filmed him as he was allegedly pleasuring himself.

Source: Facebook
Translation: My friend has footage of the uncle as he was masturbating to you, I can send the video to you if you need it.

The netizen later confirmed that she had sent the clip to Chun Yi, who shared that she will be lodging a police report.

Source: Facebook

MS News has reached out to Chun Yi for more information and will update this article when she gets back.

If you find yourself being the victim of such incidents, do not hesitate to seek help and report the case to the police.

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