Charity Gives Mattresses & Pillows To Needy S’poreans Who Sleep On Cold Floor & Cardboard

Singapore Charity Donates Mattresses & Pillows To Needy Families Who Have Been Sleeping on Hard Floors

Having a comfortable home to live in is a privilege not everyone enjoys. Wanting to provide a better life for low-income Singaporeans, the non-profit organisation Keeping Hope Alive distributed 80 mattresses and 100 pillows to the elderly and families living in Henderson.


The kind donations from volunteers included other furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables and fans.

80 mattresses & 100 pillows donated to the needy

Facebook user Ms Lee shared about Keeping Hope Alive’s donation drive on Sunday (25 Oct), where they distributed mattresses and pillows to Henderson residents.

According to her, volunteers unloaded a grand total of 80 mattresses and 100 pillows from lorries, to deliver to needy residents there.

Many of them did the heavy lifting themselves, with some even hoisting the mattresses over their shoulders or heads as they climbed up the stairs.


Ms Lee added that they also distributed other furniture such as sofas, chairs and tables on separate occasions.

Families & elderly sleep on cold floors & cardboard

In one unit, volunteers met with an elderly man who used to sleep on a deck chair with just one pillow for comfort.


For 1 family, they have been using the cold hard floor as their beds with many household items strewn around them.


Another room has no mattresses in sight, which suggests that the occupant may have been sleeping on the floor as well.


A separate photo of a barren flat meanwhile shows a piece of cardboard on the floor, perhaps serving as a makeshift bed to protect the resident from the cold.


Hope to build a ‘compassion ecosystem’

By sharing the organisation’s efforts, Ms Lee hopes to foster a form of “compassion ecosystem” in Singapore.

Everyone can do something to help someone.

If everyone who’s able can chip in even the slightest bit, we can surely make a difference.

She went on to acknowledge the donations from the members of the public who made this possible and thanked them from the bottom of her heart.

I want to say my heartfelt ‘THANK YOU” to everyone for giving and doing what you can. I am filled with gratitude.

Sparing a thought for the less fortunate

In this tough time, everyone is doing their best to get by.

Let’s spare a thought for the less fortunate and contribute in whatever way we can, to help ease their burdens.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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