McDonald’s S’pore Gives Healthcare Workers Free Coffee Or Tea To Thank Them For Taking Care Of Us

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McDonald’s Singapore Gives Healthcare Workers Free Coffee & Tea 24/7 As Thanks For Their Hard Work

As the battle against Covid-19 drags on, healthcare workers are giving their all to keep patients healthy.

Their efforts have definitely come to fruition, as more than half of the cases in Singapore have already recovered and been discharged.

Multiple organisations have been showing appreciation for healthcare workers, and McDonald’s Singapore is jumping on the bandwagon.

Just this morning (24 Feb), they announced that they will be giving all healthcare workers a free cuppa to thank them for their hard work and commitment to keep Singaporeans safe and healthy.


Free McDonald’s coffee or tea for all healthcare workers

McDonald’s Singapore wrote in their post that they wanted to humbly offer healthcare workers a “little boost to help (them) through (their) day”. That “little boost” comes in the form of a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

Coffee also extends to the cappuccino or latte, so they can have greater variety.


All healthcare workers have to do to collect their beverage is show up in their uniform or present their hospital pass to staff at the counter.

There’s no minimum amount they have to spend, so healthcare workers can pop in to collect their free drink whenever they like.


After long hours of running around the hospital and attending to patients, we’re sure the free drink will be a huge relief.

Showing appreciation for healthcare workers’ efforts

We really can’t thank healthcare workers enough during this period.

They’re sacrificing their time, energy, and safety to care for others before themselves, and truly deserve the utmost respect and recognition.

Seeing more organisations stepping up to show appreciation for healthcare workers is heartwarming, especially after the unfortunate ill treatment they’ve been receiving.

They need our support to help them power through challenges, especially amidst the health crisis. In whatever little way we can, let’s show them that we care.

Featured image adapted from Matador Network and Facebook.

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