Singaporean Recreates McDonald’s Salmon Burger With Homemade Milk Buns

The popular Hokkaido Salmon burger returned to McDonald’s Singapore on 8 Oct and salmon fans may have rejoiced at this.

A Reddit user weewaaweewaa set out to best the burger.

He said, “Don’t be duped by the waifu [in Mcdonald’s advertisement] or she will destroy your saifu (meaning wallet in Japanese)”.

Waifu means a pretty non-fictional female character one is attracted to

In the home chef’s opinion, it’s more worthwhile to spend the $11 elsewhere. With this, he re-created the burger from scratch. The steps he took are roughly listed below.

McDonald's salmon burgerSource

If you’re eager to put your newly attained Circuit Baker skills to the test, here’s a look and what to expect in the process.

Baking milk bread buns

Instead of buying Hokkaido milk buns from the bakery, the netizen decided to make his from scratch.

McDonald's salmon burgerSource

He used the ‘Tangzhong’ method which is said to make the bread more fluffy.

McDonald's salmon burgerSource

This results in buns that apparently stay fresh for longer.


Preparing salmon patties based on Japanese autumn dish

The next step was to prepare the salmon patties, which are arguably the most important component of the burger.

The home chef based them on a Japanese autumn dish called Chanchanyaki.

McDonald's salmon burgerSource

The first order of business was to de-scale and de-bone salmon fillets.

McDonald's salmon burgerSource

Followed by lightly pan-searing them.

McDonald's salmon burgerSource

The Redditor used the same pan to cook vegetables.


While the veggies are simmering, the cooked salmon can be flaked and moulded into breaded patties.


 The netizen opted to bake the patties instead of frying them, making the burger slightly less sinful.


Wholesome thicc salmon burger

The end result is thick salmon patties paired with wholesome vegetables sandwiched between fluffy Hokkaido-style milk buns.


The burger looks pretty substantial and wouldn’t look out of place at a gourmet burger bar.

final productSource

Though the netizen said the patties are a little dry, he hopes to improve the recipe in future attempts.

You can find his ingredients list and full video here.

Cooking at home pays off

While eating outside offers convenience, there is only so much that you can do to customise a meal to your taste.

In his case, this netizen decided to take things into his own hands and incorporated Japanese-style cooking into the burger. We must say, we’d love to try one if he makes more in future attempts.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit.