‘Mechanics’ Allegedly Arrive 1 Min After Expressway Accident & Leave Instantly After Police Called

‘Mechanics’ Repeatedly Offer Services To Drivers Involved In Expressway Accident

In September, we reported about a sus traffic accident where claims specialists showed up shortly after a collision along PIE.

Claims Specialists Allegedly Appear Along PIE Offering Their Services, Police Urged To Investigate

Some users on social media have since warned that the claims specialist could be part of a scam syndicate.

On Monday (8 Nov), another user took to Facebook to share about a similar incident — after getting into an accident on an expressway, ‘mechanics’ were on the scene within a minute.


Strangely, the ‘mechanics’ left as quickly as they came after the drivers called the police.

‘Mechanics’ arrive quickly, leave instantly after police called

According to the post, a Facebook user named Julie recently got into a minor accident along an undisclosed expressway.

2 individuals reportedly came “swooping in” within a minute and insisted on rendering assistance, despite both drivers’ refusal for help.


1 of them who claimed to be a mechanic reportedly took photos of both vehicles involved and allegedly kept offering their services despite their refusal for help.

Perhaps annoyed, Julie and the other driver involved in the accident called the police.

As quick as they arrived on the scene, the “heroes” reportedly left the moment the pair rang the phone.

Julie took the opportunity to urge others to “keep calm and call the police” should they find themselves in such a situation.

MS News has reached out to Julie for more information on the incident and will update this article accordingly when she gets back.

Similar incident back in July

Back in July, 2 motorists who got into an accident along westbound PIE found themselves in a similar situation, with so-called ‘claims specialists’ pulling up at the scene shortly after the collision.


A number of netizens had pointed out that the individuals involved could be part of a scam syndicate.

Another Facebook user approached by the group also shared that the claims specialists left immediately after he told them he had relatives who were lawyers.

Do not prey on distressed motorists

Road users will naturally feel distressed after getting into an accident.

While there’s nothing wrong with assisting motorists, it’s perhaps morally questionable to repeatedly offer services when the drivers involved are under considerable stress.

We hope such ‘mechanics’ and ‘claims specialists’ will be more mindful of their actions and will not prey on motorists when they’re in a vulnerable state of mind, especially if they’ve refused help.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook

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