2 Men Get Into Bloody Fight At Serangoon Central, Both Arrested By Police

2 Men Fight At Serangoon Central, Passers-By Tries To Stop Them

Once in a while, conflict may happen between people. However, that doesn’t mean we should get into a physical fight.

On Monday (6 Dec), a video showing 2 men fighting at Serangoon Central circulated on Facebook. The video started with one man with a bloodied face shouting at a younger man.

The older man proceeded to throw a punch towards the man he was shouting at. They then got into a brawl where the younger man held the other one down while repeatedly punching his head.

A woman’s scream could be heard from the back, asking them to stop fighting.

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the 2 men were arrested after the fight on Sunday (5 Dec).

Fight at Serangoon Central leaves man with bloody face

The incident occurred at Serangoon Central on Sunday (5 Dec) at Block 254 Serangoon Central at around 12.30pm, reported CNA.

The face of the older man, aged 47, was already drenched with blood when the video started, which could mean the 2 men had already been fighting prior.

It is unclear as to how the fight started.

He stared at the younger man, aged 33, and shouted something unintelligible at him.


The older man then lunged towards the other and tried to throw a punch. However, the younger man was quick enough to move away and defend himself. The older man then stumbled and both went out of frame for about 3 seconds.


When the camera turned to the spot they were at, the younger man could be seen holding the older man down.

The younger man then hit the older man’s head repeatedly about 5 times.


In the background, several people could be heard shouting, with one woman asking them to stop. Meanwhile, other passers-by stood by to watch the fight.

Since the video was a short one, it is unsure as to how the fight ended. Police were alerted to the fight and the 2 men were subsequently arrested. Investigations are currently ongoing

Additionally, neither were taken to the hospital after the incident.

Hope the 2 men will sort things out

Whatever the 2 men were fighting about, it is definitely not worth getting physical as it would cause public alarm and result in injuries.

Hopefully, they will be able to sort out their issues to prevent another brawl again.

If convicted of affray, they may be sentenced to jail for up to 1 year, a $5,000 fine, or both.

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Featured image adapted from Patrick Tan on Facebook.

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