Woman finds metal wire in chicken from Tan Tock Seng Hospital Kopitiam, stall offers full refund

Metal wire found in Nasi Padang chicken from Tan Tock Seng Hospital Kopitiam

While dining at a food court recently, a woman reportedly discovered a metal wire in a piece of chicken from a Nasi Padang stall.

She thereafter gave her feedback to the stall, who apologised for the incident.

The owner of the stall explained that they seldom use wire mesh to wash their dishes, but revealed that their supplier has the habit of using metal wires to secure bags of chicken during delivery.

He is also hoping that the woman will return to the stall as he wishes to issue her a full refund.

Woman finds metal wire in chicken from Nasi Padang stall

According to Shin Min Daily News, this happened at the Kopitiam food court of Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 10 May, at around 12pm.

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60-year-old Madam Luo (transliterated from Mandarin) told the Shin Min that she was finishing her Nasi Padang meal when she bit into a hard object in the chicken.

She spat it out to discover that the object appeared to be a metal wire.

Madam Luo described the wire as “thick as a normal needle”, adding that she couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she had swallowed it.

“This is a hospital, it would have been worse if a patient swallowed it on accident,” she remarked.

Metal wire nasi padang

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Madam Luo subsequently approached the stall to tell them about her experience.

She said that the owner of the stall apologised and explained that they do not make the food in-store as they import it from external suppliers.

Stall owner apologises & offers full refund

When Shin Min got in touch with the owner, he shared that they seldom use metal wire mesh to wash their dishes.

He believes the metal wire that the woman found had likely been hidden in the curry chicken she ordered.

“Sometimes, the supplier would deliver the chicken in bags secured by metal wires. We have already informed the supplier of this incident and reminded them to be more careful next time.”

The owner emphasised that the stall takes hygiene very seriously and has never encountered a similar situation for over ten years since it opened.

He apologised again for the customer’s experience, saying: “This was our oversight, and it will not happen a second time.”

Additionally, he explained that when the woman approached him after discovering the metal wire, the stall had been unusually busy and he had only verbally apologised for the incident, forgetting to give the woman a full refund.

“I hope she can come back so we can give her back her money.”

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