Migrant Worker Thanks Singapore For WiFi, Food & Masks, Netizens Appreciate His Hard Work

Migrant Worker Thanks Singapore Government For Earnest Covid-19 Response

A heartwarming post by a migrant worker from Bangladesh is making its rounds on social media.

Mr Mirza sought to thank the Singapore government on behalf of his peers on Friday evening (17 Apr) in a heartfelt Facebook message.

Here’s his post in full. We summarise his story after the jump.


The post has received 1.1k shares at the time of writing as a wholesome take on the recent Covid-19 case spike in workers’ dormitories.


We’re thankful to hear that Mr Mirza remains in good spirits, but let’s take a look at his experience more closely.

Full of gratitude for police, cleaners & food suppliers

Mr Mirza shared that he wished to speak on behalf of “all Bangladeshi migrant workers in Singapore” in expressing his gratitude for the care they’ve received thus far.

He went on to thank the following people & organisations that made his stay comfortable:

  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  • Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • Police & security officers
  • Cleaners & food suppliers

He believed that they all handled the situation “very efficiently” and appreciated their valiant & timely efforts.

Thankful for free WiFi, food, masks & sanitizers

Mirza later added that he and his fellow migrant workers are grateful for the food, masks, hand sanitisers, free WiFi & ample medical care in their dormitories.

In his words,

Frankly talking if I’m in Bangladesh also I may not get these essential items in this critical situation.

Sending well-wishes back home

With the WiFi and SIM cards provided, Mr Mirza has been able to contact his family back home, and remains optimistic about the journey ahead.


He shared his appreciation for the Singapore government’s thoughtfulness in making it possible to send their well-wishes to their families back home.

Makes a pact to work hard for Singapore

Finally, Mirza brought his sincere post to a close by forging a public promise — given the chance in the future, he wishes to do his best for Singapore regardless of the cost.

He spoke candidly,

Cause they are doing best for me…I will also do the best for them.

Citizens responded by saying Singapore’s “taking care of our own”

Thanking Mirza for his kind words, this Singaporean wrote that he appreciates the “contributions” & sacrifices our workers have put in to build our nation.


Many citizens also placed their faith in our healthcare system, affirming their belief that all affected workers will have a fighting chance at beating the virus given Singapore’s medical resources.


Finally, this netizen expressed what Mdm Ho Ching had mentioned earlier — that while workers continue to reside & contribute to Singapore, we must “take care of our own“.

Everyone has a equal stake in our nation’s health

Covid-19 has left an indelible mark on all our lives, most of all those who are stakeholders in the migrant worker community. Conditions within dorms have come under scrutiny even as a week-long spike in new cases with links to worker’s dormitories continues.

Hearing from Mr Mirza gives us a timely reminder that preserving human lives should be our priority in this health crisis. Everyone who’s come to Singapore to earn a living, has as much of a stake in our nation’s health as the rest of us.

We wish him and his peers a smooth recovery & quarantine period ahead.

Featured image adapted from Ministry of Manpower on Facebook & Facebook.

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