S’porean Woman Loses $15,000 Worth Of Branded Goods In Milan Airbnb, Warns Other Europe Travellers

Singaporean Woman Claims Milan Airbnb Apartment’s Lock Wasn’t Forced Open

Many of us who’ve travelled to countries in Europe would have heard terrifying tales of tourists having their valuables snatched in broad daylight.

But this latest case may just be the most bizarre one yet.

A Singaporean lady named Yvonne Lee, who recently visited the fashion capital of Milan, allegedly lost $15,000 worth of branded goods.


The strangest part? The items were apparently stolen from an Airbnb apartment that she was staying in.

She took to Facebook on Friday (15 Nov) to share her harrowing experience in a post titled “PLANNED ROBBERY BY HOST IN MILAN – SGD15K STOLEN IN THE ROOM”.

Here’s her post in full:


S$15,000 of branded goods “stolen” from Milan Airbnb

According to the post, Ms Lee returned to her Milan Airbnb apartment on 1 Nov and found that her luggage – full of branded goods she purchased during her trip – had gone missing.

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The missing items include luxury bags, shoes, and shades.

Apart from the suitcase, 3 other bags of branded goods were stolen as well.

In total, goods worth a whopping S$15,000 were apparently “stolen” from the apartment.

Robber may have “access to the apartment”

After doing some investigation of her own, Ms Lee apparently found that the apartment’s door wasn’t forced open.

Given this, she hypothesised that the person(s) behind this must have had “access to the apartment”.

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Ms Lee also found that no surveillance cameras were installed in the lift, lobby, and the floor of the apartment.

She found this “fishy” and fears she won’t be able to find out what had happened that day as a result.

Ms Lee and her travel companion moved out of the apartment right after the incident as they “did not feel safe at all there”.

She quickly lodged a report to the police and the host, who allegedly promised to call back the next day with information regarding the losses and refund.

No news after 2 weeks

2 weeks have since past, but Ms Lee – who has returned to Singapore – still hasn’t gotten a reply from the host.

Ms Lee also wrote in to Airbnb’s customer community support team, but received a response saying that they are “unable to offer further assistance “as they “weren’t contacted until well after check-out”.


Has already filed a claim with travel insurance company

Thankfully, Ms Lee related that she had bought travel insurance for the trip and has already filed a claim for the incident.

Hopefully, she will receive fair compensation in due time. We’ve reached out to the Airbnb host for their comments.

That said, we hope everyone going overseas this holidays will do a thorough check through the reviews when booking their accommodations.

Have fun, but more importantly, stay safe.

Featured image adapted from Poshmark and Tiqets. Strictly for illustration purposes only. 

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