Golden Village Has Adorable Minions Tumbler With Combo Meals That Cost $15 Each

Minions are despicably adorable creatures that make us go ‘aww’ without fail.

Many of us already went gaga over previous Minions merchandise like the McDonald’s figurine and egg cases, but this recent drop is one that you don’t want to miss out on for your collection.

See, Golden Village (GV) is currently selling an adorable tumbler that’s essentially a Minion sitting on top of another.


The tumbler comes free of charge when you purchase any of the 3 combos available at $15 each.

Minions tumbler is free with combo meal purchase

It’s important to stay hydrated even during our WFH arrangements, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have our adorable pals reminding us to drink up regularly.


The tumbler comes with a straw, allowing you to slurp on your favourite beverages with ease.

The bottle comes free with any purchase of the following Minions 2 combos:

  • Combo A
    • 1x Regular Drink
    • 1x Large Popcorn
    • 1x Minions Tumbler
  • Combo B
    • 1x Regular Drink
    • 1x Nachos
    • 1x Minions Tumbler
  • Combo C
    • 1x Regular Drink
    • 1x Hotdog Bun
    • 1x Minions Tumbler

Those who prefer to catch their movies at home can also get the sets delivered to their doorstep via Foodpanda.


Cinemas still allowed to open in Phase 2

Singapore cinemas are still allowed to open under Phase 2 Heightened Alert.

However, here are some of the rules that must be adhered to at all times:

  • No consumption of food and drinks in cinemas
  • Patrons must be masked at all times
  • Up to 50 pax per cinema hall (without pre-event testing), up to 100 pax (with pre-event testing)
  • Seats must be 1-metre apart from each other

You can view the full list of safety measures for cinemas here.

Grab Minions tumblers for the ultimate movie watching experience

Even though dining in cinemas is not allowed at the moment, the Minions tumbler serves as good company for those watching a movie or binge-watching TV shows at home.

Given its adorable appearance, it’ll also encourage us to hydrate ourselves more often throughout the day.

Are you interested in grabbing a Minions tumbler? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook