Korea Has Minions Egg Cases For Storing Snacks, AirPods & Even An Apple Watch

These Minions Egg Cases Can Store Hard-Boiled Eggs & Smol Items Like AirPods

Eggs are a protein-packed snack that can ease your hunger pangs and satisfy your food cravings. Yet, it can be a hassle to fit a Tupperware into your bag, on top of all the things you need to bring for work or school.

Nuri Well Korea’s convenient solution to this comes in the form of kawaii Minions egg cases that have charming expressions.

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Use it to safely store raw eggs so you can easily commute home without worrying that they might break.

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The miniature case can also fit tiny snacks and gadgets so your bag remains organised.

Minions egg cases are cute & practical

Minions are small, delightful creatures that make watching the Despicable Me series even more enjoyable.

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Fans looking to expand their collection may be delighted to discover these smol yet versatile egg cases.

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The collection has an assortment of 4 Minions each with a unique egg-spression.

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Health-conscious folks on a diet can easily carry these around to store light snacks and manage their weight.


As you enjoy a delicious meal, you can gaze at these jovial yellow characters that will easily put a smile on your face.


Storage for Apple Watch & AirPods

Abundant gadgets and accessories can easily make our bags look like a mess. Thankfully, these Minions can also keep your Apple Watch and AirPods.


No need to worry about tangled cables or earphone straps when you put them inside a Minion.


On top of this, they can also double as a miniature jewel box for your bracelets and watches.


Available in Korea

Our first instinct is to buy and collect ‘em all, but for now, these are only available in Korea.

A Minions case comes with a pack of 8 eggs and is priced at S$9.48 (7,920 won) at the Coupang online store.


If you have friends based in Korea, ask them for a favour and you can hopefully get this merchandise delivered to your doorstep.

Hoping we’ll get the Minion cases in Singapore soon

While these Minion egg cases are not available on our shores yet, we wish local sellers can get their hands on these items soon.

Hopefully, you can fill up your bag with Minions that store your snacks and gadgets.

Do you have friends who would love to have a Minion egg case? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Naver and Naver

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