Buff Mocca Man Makes Comeback In 99.co Ad, Looks Just As Swole 14 Years Later

Buff Mocca Man Appears In 99.co Ad 14 Years After Rising To Fame

Before our modern-day shopping jingles, ads in Singapore were memorable in more positive ways, leaving viewers with fond memories of them.

So when a near-naked man started popping up on our television screens, we naturally took notice.

We’re talking about this property ad from Mocca by the way if you aren’t sure.


Though it has been more than a decade since the ad graced our screens, the Mocca Man has recently made a comeback.

On Monday (7 Jun), property site 99.co shared a new ad on its Facebook page featuring the familiar face, as well as his abs and biceps. Though he seemed to have packed on a few pounds since then, he still looks swole AF.

The ad was also filmed in a way that’s similar to the Mocca ad, giving us a throwback to the Y2K TV days.

Mocca Man stars in 99.co with swole physique

In the ad, 46-year-old Ben Ha explains why users ought to use 99.co when they’re searching for a property.


But that’s probably not the reason why the video went viral with over 3.5k shares within a day.

Having done away with his zebra-print briefs, Ben was filmed with a pair of black shorts on instead.


It seems the 14 years that went by since the Mocca ad has not had much impact on Ben’s physique as his 6-packs are still pretty visible — something many of us may not be able to relate to since WFH started.


His ‘guns’ look to be in tip-top shape too, as he had no problems doing bicep curls in front of the cam.


However, the most nostalgic scene comes towards the end of the video, when he flexes his shoulders with “99.co” painted across his back.


Rose to fame with Mocca ad in 2007

Ben, aka Mocca Man, first rose to fame in 2007 when he starred in a similar ad by property site Mocca.com.


Even today, his trademark lines talking about his “clean and green” flat with 3 rooms remains firmly ingrained in many Singaporeans’ minds.


Born in Vietnam, the now 46-year-old arrived in Singapore 20 years ago and currently works in the hotel industry.


When he was younger, Ben used to take part in bodybuilding competitions but has stopped for a while now.


However, he still works out at the gym regularly, which explains his buff physique even today, reports Vice.

Blast from the past

Ben’s latest appearance on our screens is certainly a throwback to the Y2K TV days.

Though not every one of us might be searching for a flat right now, the ad is guaranteed to be a pleasant throwback.

Kudos to 99.co for the nostalgic ad, and congratulations to Ben for nailing another role in such a prominent gig.

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Featured image adapted from 99.co on Facebook

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