S’pore Woman’s Post On Why Mums Always Finish Eating Last Goes Viral As She Explains Their Hardships

Singapore Woman Explains Hardships Of Motherhood In Viral Facebook Post

Being a mother is no easy feat.

It encompasses unconditional love, the perpetual doubts of whether you’re doing it okay, and a never endless worry over your child’s well-being.

A Singaporean mother recently took to Facebook on Saturday (6 Mar) to share a personal experience she witnessed to express the hardships of being a mother.


This viral anecdotal incident has since garnered over 5,900 shares in just 2 days.

Witnessed a husband chiding his wife at a food court

In her Facebook post on 6 Mar, Ms Koh observed a scene that transpired between a husband and wife – who were with their 2 kids – at a food court.


She mentioned that the husband seemed to be losing his patience when handling “a wailing toddler” and a baby in a carrier, and asked his wife angrily why she was so slow in finishing her food.

Out of anger, he allegedly stormed off with both children, thus leaving the mother alone with her meal.

Ms Koh said the mother’s despair was apparent from her eyes alone.

Mums are typically the ones picking up the pieces

Ms Koh, who is also a mother of 2 herself, wondered out loud why she too was the last one to leave the house with everyone else waiting for her every time.

Why am I always the slowest? I usually neither dress up nor make up.

As a mother, she finds herself “frantically packing 101 things” before she dashes out of the house with her family.

This is understandable, as packing for your young ones comes even before childbirth. It takes form in packing the infamous ‘hospital bag’ while awaiting the birth of your child, to your ‘mummy’s bag’ filled with diapers and other baby necessities.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why the habit of packing for the family before an outing has become so ingrained in a mother’s psyche.

And ultimately, Ms Koh said a mother – be it subconsciously or not – will always make sure their children are fed before themselves.

Mums will always put their family before themselves

Ms Koh ended the post off with a hard-hitting answer to the question the husband in the story had posed to his wife.

The reason why mothers “eat so slowly” is because they love their family so much that their family’s welfare comes before theirs — always and forever.

With this, a father should have more empathy and understanding towards the mother of their children — the ones in the backdrop holding everything together tirelessly without complaints.

Kudos to all mothers out there for going through their hardships

Even though it isn’t Mother’s Day, there will never not be a reason not to celebrate or give love and gratitude to our mothers.

Kudos to all the mums out there who have unconditionally – and will continue – to care for their children without any grievances.

Lastly, MS News would like to take this opportunity to wish all heroines in society, Happy International Women’s Day.

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