Layer Of Mould Found In Cream Cheese From Giant Admiralty Outlet, Supermarket Investigating With Suppliers

Layer Of Mould Found In Cream Cheese From Giant Admiralty Outlet, Supermarket Investigating With Suppliers

Mould Found In Cream Cheese From Giant Admiralty Outlet On 2 Mar

Lately, there have been several cases of contaminated food products in Singapore.

For example, one man found remnants of a cockroach in his biscuits from a minimart in Sengkang.

In a more recent incident, a customer found a sheet of mould in his cream cheese from a Giant outlet in Admiralty.

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The supermarket chain has since confirmed that they are aware of the matter and has launched an investigation with its suppliers.

Mould discovered in cream cheese from Giant

On Friday (3 Mar), Mr Mavi Singh Pannu took to Facebook to share about the stomach-churning encounter.

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He had purchased a container of Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese from a Giant outlet at Block 468B Admiralty Drive.

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Mr Manvinder added that he bought the product the day before (2 Mar) at about 9.35pm gave it to his child to eat shortly after at about 9.45pm.

However, when he opened the sealed packaging, he was met with a nauseating sight — a thick layer of mould lay atop the cream cheese.

Source: Facebook

In the photos, Mr Manvinder hadn’t even opened the seal fully, but the rotting cheese was already in full view.

Source: Facebook

Speaking to MS News Mr Manvinder shared that he immediately returned to the Giant outlet upon making the discovery and requested to see the manager.

According to him, the manager was “very relaxed about it” and merely offered to “replace it”.  The manager subsequently called his area manager after Mr Manvinder made a request to speak to senior management.

However, Mr Manvinder was extremely disappointed with the area manager’s response, claiming “he didn’t show any concern and sounded sleepy”.

As a result, he decided to alert the police to highlight the issue, with the hopes that action could be taken.

Giant investigating incident with suppliers

In the comments, several netizens advised the OP to bring the cream cheese back to the Giant outlet for an exchange.

This product is allegedly prone to grow mould, they explained.

Source: Facebook

Another commenter pointed out that the seal of the packaging was probably not strong enough, which caused the cream cheese to go bad faster.

Source: Facebook

In response to queries by MS News, a spokesperson from Giant’s parent company DFI Retail Group confirmed that they are aware of the issue and have launched an investigation into the matter.

As the cream cheese is a pre-packaged and sealed item, they are working closely with their supplier to identify the cause.

Furthermore, they conducted store checks for the brand and found no quality issues.

Other than the OP’s post, they have not received any other complaints regarding the product, they added.

“Nonetheless, we take this incident very seriously and have stepped up our checks on our products to ensure that they are safe, fresh and of the high quality that our customers expect,” said the spokesperson.

They have expressed their apologies to the customer and have since reached out to offer additional support.

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