MRT Commuter Questions Mother Why Baby Isn’t Wearing Mask In Viral Video

To protect residents of Singapore from Covid-19, the government had, since Apr 2020, made it compulsory for individuals to wear masks when they leave home.

However, there are exceptions to these rules, one of which is that children below 6 are exempted from donning these face coverings.

Recently, however, an MRT commuter was filmed in a viral video asking a fellow passenger why her baby wasn’t wearing a mask.


“how come your baby never wear a mask” she just asked her to wear a mask on the train bruh #sgtiktok #karen #sgkaren #viral pls these kinds of Karen’s damn CB

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A number of users have since rightfully pointed out the exception to the law.

MRT commuter asks mother to guarantee her child is virus-free

On Thursday (2 Dec), a TikToker shared a 29-second video of a woman interrogating a mother and her child on the MRT.


In the video, the woman was heard questioning the mother as to why her baby was not wearing a mask.

How come your baby never wear a mask?

She then goes on to say, “Baby also must wear mask, OK? How I know your baby doesn’t have virus? Can you guarantee she doesn’t have virus?”

Toward the end, the video transitions to another clip where she was heard telling someone off for coming too close to her.

Mask wearing unnecessary for children under 6: MOH

Netizens reactions to the video can be summed up by the looks on the faces of the elderly couple in the video — bewildered and in disbelief.


The user who shared the video also mentioned that a lady tried stopping the altercation but was allegedly pushed away by the woman in the video.


Other netizens also pointed out that ever since the pandemic began, talking on trains is dissuaded and took the opportunity to remind us of that.


According to an advisory by the Ministry of Health (MOH), all children below the age of 6 are not required, though encouraged, to wear a mask.


For children below the age of 2, mask-wearing is not advised due to safety reasons.

Need not get into heated confrontations over such matters

Given how infectious Covid-19 is, it’s only understandable for individuals to feel uneasy when there’s someone without a mask nearby.

However, there’s no need to resort to confrontations over such matters — at times, it might be better to simply walk away.

Nonetheless, we hope readers learn about the age limit for mask-wearing measures so they wouldn’t be too surprised to see young children without their masks on in the public.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.