4 EWL MRT Stations Will Close Early From 21-28 Nov, Maintenance Works To Begin From 11pm

Commuters staying along the East-West Line (EWL) may need to make alternative travel arrangements if they are returning home past 11pm on 21 and 28 Nov.

Maintenance works from Gul Circle to Tuas Link stations mean that they’ll close early for 2 days.

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) advises commuters to take buses on these days. So if you’re planning a night out with friends on both Saturdays, take note.

EWL MRT stations to close early for maintenance

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (17 Nov), the LTA shared that 4 MRT stations along the Tuas West Extension (TWE) will be closed early on 21 and 28 Nov to facilitate trip coil replacement works.


The stations will shutter at 11pm.

The affected stations are:

  • Gul Circle
  • Tuas Crescent
  • Tuas West Road
  • Tuas Link


Since these stations are close to workplaces rather than residential areas, people working there should be especially aware of the early closure.

LTA advises commuters to take buses

Those who are knocking off from work are advised by the LTA to take buses near the affected stations to get to their destinations.

MRT stations close earlySource

Buses serving the area include:

  • 182M
  • 192
  • 193
  • 254

Make sure to check which service plies the route that’s most accessible for you, so you can plan your journey accordingly.

Slight inconvenience is necessary

While this early closure may be an inconvenience for some of us, such maintenance works are imperative to keep our trains running smoothly.

Perhaps those who stay near the affected stations may want to reach them before 11pm, if that’s the fastest route home.

If not, a slightly longer bus ride may be what you’ll have to resort to. At least you can admire the still night at city lights through the windows.

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