Muslim Couple In M’sia Celebrates Chinese Roots With Lion Dance & Traditional Clothing At Wedding

Muslim Couple In M'sia Celebrates Chinese Roots With Lion Dance & Traditional Clothing At Wedding
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Muslim Couple In Malaysia Has Wedding With Lion Dance And Traditional Chinese Clothing

Many people in Singapore and Malaysia grow up exposed to different races and religions thanks to both countries’ multi-ethnic societies.

Sometimes, two or more different heritages can come together, creating a unique blend that reflects the beauty of multicultural diversity.

One Muslim couple from Malaysia recently did just that by incorporating traditional Chinese culture into their wedding reception.

Muslim couple Chinese wedding

Source: Persatuan Buddhist Tawau on Facebook

In addition to having a lion dance troupe perform, the pair even walked down the aisle in traditional Chinese wedding outfits.

One of them has a grandmother of Chinese descent, so they wanted to pay tribute to this side of their heritage.

Lion dance troupe performs at wedding of Muslim couple

On Monday (11 Jul), the Tawau Buddhist Association in Sabah posted several photos and videos of their lion dance troupe performing at the wedding of a Malay couple on Facebook.

Source: Persatuan Buddhist Tawau on Facebook

According to China Press, the troupe’s coach shared that the couple, Fyza and Fikri, personally contacted them to arrange for a lion dance performance.

Four lions in different colours showed up to greet the newlyweds, along with gongs and drums to amp up the atmosphere.

A video of the event shows the beaming couple entering the venue with the lions, who follow them all the way into the community hall.

The group continues to make their way up to the stage as the couple takes their seats.

As if being personally escorted by lion dancers wasn’t impressive enough, the bride and groom shone in bright red Chinese wedding finery.

Muslim couple wanted to pay homage to Chinese roots

Sin Chew Daily reports that one-half of the couple wanted to pay tribute to their Chinese roots, which came from their grandmother.

By having the lion dance performance and traditional Chinese wedding outfits, they hoped to express how important that side of their heritage is to them.

Muslim couple Chinese wedding

Source: Persatuan Buddhist Tawau on Facebook

Additionally, they saw it as an chance to show their loved ones the beauty of a multicultural family.

Many Malay passers-by were also said to have stopped to enjoy the performance and record it on their phones.

Guests say wedding truly captures the Malaysian spirit

In an interview, a relative of the couple said that while he was raised in a traditional Malay family, he had many Chinese friends growing up.

His early exposure to Chinese culture fostered his appreciation for lion dance. Because he went to watch so many performances, his children have come to like them as much as he does.

Still, he never expected to see a lion dance at a Muslim wedding.

Muslim couple Chinese wedding

Source: Persatuan Buddhist Tawau on Facebook

In fact, he said that all the guests were surprised. However, he remarked that as long as all ethnicities are accepting of each other’s cultures, nothing is impossible.

Another relative said that the purpose of the lion dance was not to “show off”. Instead, it was a true reflection of Malaysia as a multiracial and multicultural nation.

A memorable wedding with a meaningful message

Hats off to Fyza and Fikri for putting together such a memorable and meaningful reception.

Not only did they seamlessly bring two cultures together, but they also helped to reinforce the ever-important message of integration.

MS News extends our heartiest congratulations to the newlyweds. May they have a happy and blissful marriage for many years to come.

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Featured image adapted from Persatuan Buddhist Tawau on Facebook and Facebook.

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