My Melody Holders Return To McDonald’s After 4 Months

Last December, Singaporeans turned out in droves to queue for tickets. We’re not referring to tickets to Ed Sheeran or BTS’ concerts.

We’re talking about queue tickets to purchase My Melody holders at McDonald’s.


More than 4 months later, My Melody holders have made a comeback in Thailand outlets in April to much less fanfare.


Here’s a quick recap on the craze that it caused when it was released here in 2018.

Snaking 4am queues & tickets issued

In the early hours of Thursday (6 Dec), local media outlets reported that Sanrio fans began queuing at McD outlets as early as 3.45am, in anticipation of the release of ultra-kawaii My Melody holders.


Queue tickets were even issued to mitigate queue-cutting and disputes.


Resold on Carousell

Enterprising Singaporeans saw an opportunity to earn quick bucks and took it.


Carousell accounts boasted supplies of up to 20 My Melody holders, hawking them for up to $12 a piece online.


My Melody holder used as cab fare

A creative lady even made headlines by paying for her $6.90 cab fare with a My Melody holder when she ran out of cash.


The driver could even have tripled his profits with the deal, as the holders were going at a minimum of $20 on Carousell at the height of the craze.

Close to S$15 for a set

If you’ll be in Bangkok in the next few weeks and haven’t had a chance to snag one of these delightfully useless cup holders, they’ll be on sale till 30 Apr.


S$14.85 (349 Baht) gets you Medium french fries, a 16-oz drink of your choice, and the My Melody holder at select McDonald’s outlets in Bangkok.

Do note Thai airport’s McDonald’s outlets won’t be carrying this deal at the moment.

Lucky cab drivers

Only time will tell if the craze will hit our neighbours in Thailand as well.

Our hearty congratulations to the ‘lucky’ cab drivers who may stumble upon a windfall if they get paid in kind.

Featured image from McDonald’s Thailand on Facebook.