Groups Of Mynahs Tussle For Dominance In S’pore, Fight Broken Up By Male Jungle Fowl

2 Gangs Of Mynahs Tussle On Field Before Male Jungle Fowl Comes To Establish Order

Residents in Singapore are no strangers to the sight of mynahs battling it out for a piece of territory. Watching a whole group of them go at it, however, might still appear to be a little over the top.

Yet, such was the scene recently when two gangs of mynahs were spotted tussling on a field here in Singapore.

The fight appeared rather heated until a male jungle fowl came to break things up.

Mynahs tussle on field in Singapore

Last Wednesday (25 Jan), a netizen posted footage of the incident to the Singapore Wildlife Sightings group on Facebook.

Source: Facebook

The OP stated that two groups of mynahs were involved in the tussle. One was apparently a resident gang which had been foraging in the area while the other had just flown in.

In the video, two mynahs were seen pinning a smaller one underneath them.

Source: Facebook

With their beaks interlocked, the fight seemed rather vicious with no signs of ending.

The rest of the mynahs chirped as they stood by, probably egging their friends on.

Male jungle fowl breaks up fight

Perhaps finding the brawl tiresome, a male jungle fowl cawed loudly before entering the scene.

Frightened by his appearance, the mynahs stopped fighting to scatter and left the premises.

Source: Facebook

The male fowl had apparently won the entire turf for his family, the OP explained. With the Mynahs gone, the male fowl strolled around the area with two other female fowls as he crowed in triumph.

Source: Facebook

Such sights of mynahs tussling are not uncommon in Singapore. Last November, pictures of Javan mynahs fighting in Pasir Ris Park had gone viral.

Mynahs Get Into ‘Gang Fight’ In Pasir Ris Park As Photographer Captures Intense Drama

It was similarly described as a gang fight, with three birds teaming up on a fourth.

MS News has reached out to the OP of the footage for more information.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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