Washing & Sanitising Your Nails Can Protect You Against Covid-19, An Optimal Time For A Self-Manicure

While it’s now common knowledge that washing your hands with soap will help you not get infected with Covid-19, most may not realise that consciously sanitising your fingernails is also important.

As viruses and bacteria can grow under our nails, paying attention to nail hygiene is a vital but severely underrated way of ensuring diseases don’t linger in your fingertips.


In light of Covid-19, you might want to take note of these manicure tips.

Refrain from biting your nails

Singaporeans have ben advised to refrain from touching their face, eyes, and mouth with unclean hands to reduce potential exposure to the virus.

Despite so, many are still falling prey to the addictive practice of biting their nails.


When you bite your nails, you’re essentially eating off the bacteria growing underneath them. Ew.

Now that you know that, you should understand why it’s a habit that needs to be kicked — and not just when there’s a spreading pandemic.

Chewing on your fingernails excessively can also result in bleeding, which can leave room for undesirable bacteria and viruses to enter the wound.

Scrub, disinfect underneath your nails

If you can’t stop yourself from biting your nails, the least you can do is to clean them properly.

According to Ms Amy Ling Lin, the founder of a well-known New York nail care brand, “disinfecting with antibacterial soap becomes even more important for anyone who bites their nails”, reported Refinery29.

Even if you’re not a nail-biter, this does not mean that you can be slack with nail care.

Using a brush to purposefully scrub underneath your nails with hot soapy water can get rid of the thriving bacteria and viruses in the tips, which flourish in a warm and moist environment.


You can also opt to use an alcohol hand sanitiser afterwards, to disinfect the nail bed, underneath the nails and around the cuticles.

And you can try singing to yourself while doing it, to ensure you’re cleaning for a sufficiently long amount to time so your fingernails will be squeaky clean.

Be mindful of nail care

As the Covid-19 situation escalates around the world, all the more should people dutifully take steps to protect themselves.

So take a minute or two out of your day to be more mindful of your personal hygiene, starting with washing your hands and nails more regularly and thoroughly.



If you have extra time on your hands, you might even want to consider giving yourself a manicure session at home.


Featured image adapted from Good Zing.