Sesame Street NETS FlashPay Cards Feature Baby Elmo & Big Bird

Many Singaporeans have NETS FlashPay cards in their wallets, but if you’re bored from the mainstream designs, here’s something cute that you can look forward to.


NETS has released limited edition Sesame Street FlashPay cards for $20 per set of 4 cards featuring baby versions of Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster.


Maybe now you can finally get to Sesame Street with your beloved childhood companions? We actually tried Googling where it was in Singapore just for kicks.

Don’t know why, but we feel a bit cheated.

We’re different, we’re not the same

The set consists of 4 cards, each designed with your favourite Sesame Street characters.

Probably hard for you to only pick one, and it’s not actually allowed — the cards are not individually available so you have to get all of them as a set. But no one’s stopping you from sharing the cost with your friends.


Each card comes with baby versions of either Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar or Elmo looking sideways at you.

There’s also a faint motif of the respective characters on each of the cards.

Get to the NETS website, then to Sesame Street

These cards are only available online at the NETS website, with a $3 shipping fee to your house.

Given Singaporeans’ love for items that spark nostalgia, we expect that these cards will sell out fast. Perhaps you can consider passing your 90’s love for these iconic characters on to the next generation too.


Who knows, perhaps you can finally get to Sesame Street at USS for real by whipping them out on your bus journey there.

Featured image from NETS on Facebook.