66-Year-Old Woman Travels From Hougang To Yishun Daily, Says Residents Are Nice

Woman Goes To Yishun Daily Because Residents There Are Nice

While Singapore is small, many of us still dread the idea of a long journey across the island.

Recently, a 66-year-old woman made headlines for taking an hour-long bus ride from Hougang to Yishun almost every day.

The woman told 8world that Yishun residents have always displayed unconditional care and kindness to her.

Sometimes, they would even buy her food and expect nothing in return.

Elderly woman goes to Yishun every morning, residents buy her food

According to 8world, the woman, Huang Mingting (transliterated from Chinese), can be spotted at Northpoint City between 7am to 11am daily.

Speaking to a reporter, Ms Huang revealed that she takes bus 854 from Hougang to the Yishun mall every day.

Source: Google Maps, for illustration purposes only.

The trip takes about one hour, but she goes through all the trouble because the people are kind.

“I don’t have any money, so I eat breakfast and lunch together to save on the cost of a meal,” she claimed, adding that she eats dinner at home.

Ms Huang then said that kind strangers will buy food for her when they see that she has no money.

“Sometimes, they will even give me money,” she shared. “Some give me S$10, but two years ago, someone gave me S$100.”

Partially handicapped after accident

8world reported that Ms Huang lives with her 68-year-old sister and their 90-year-old mother.

Although her sister works as a cashier, she does not give Ms Huang an allowance.

In the afternoons, Ms Huang is her mother’s primary caretaker while her sister is at work.

On top of the family’s poor financial state, Ms Huang appeared to be partially handicapped.

According to the reporter’s observation, she needs around 10 minutes to walk a distance of just 100m.

Source: 8world

Ms Huang told 8world that her mobility issues were caused by an injury after a car accident that happened 43 years ago.

She shared with the Chinese daily that she has reached out to the authorities to apply for a wheelchair. However, she claimed that she was rejected, which upset her.

Besides that, she is visually impaired in her right eye due to another accident with hot oil while cooking five years ago.

MSF says woman is receiving help & has enough money

Responding to queries from 8world, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) said that Ms Huang was recently contacted by a Social Service Office (SSO).

The spokesperson added that she is currently receiving financial help from the Silver Support Scheme, has sufficient savings, and does not need any further assistance.

“We have asked her if she needs a wheelchair, but she turned us down saying that she would rather get her exercise by walking,” they said.

“We have also left her our contact details and told her to let us know if she needs any more help.”

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Featured image adapted from 8world and Google Maps.

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