S’pore Nightclubs To Let Up To 100 People In, Only Residents & Work Pass Holders May Enter

Singapore Nightclubs To Allow Up To 100 People & Karaoke Lounges For Groups Of 5 Inside Rooms

Shopping and eating to our hearts’ content may be enough to keep many of us happy, but some need a different outlet to let loose. Frequent patrons of karaoke lounges and nightclubs will thus be happy to know that they’ll be welcoming people again soon.


As part of the pilot programme, up to 100 people will be able to enter nightclubs and groups of 5 may share 1 karaoke room.

This is on top of the previous safe management measures the Singapore Nightlife Businesss Association announced earlier on 6 Nov.

Here’s what nightlife junkies can look forward to.

Nightclubs to split people into zones of 50

Sweaty bodies in a crowded room may be the usual scene at clubs, but the current pandemic will see a slight change to that.

The few clubs reopening in the programme will have to allow only a maximum of 100 people at any one time, reports Channel NewsAsia (CNA).


They will then split patrons further into 2 separate zones of 50, which will have dining and dancing areas each.

There will, however, be no live music or performances.

Only local residents & Work Pass holders allowed

In addition to the separate zones, the pilot reopening also entails the following safe management measures:

  • negative Covid-19 test within the past 24 hours to gain entry
  • mandatory wearing of masks
  • keeping a safe distance of 2m between groups (indicated by markings & barriers)


Before fulfilling the above criteria, patrons must first have to be local residents or Work Pass holders, reports The Straits Times (ST).

Those on business or official visits here will thus be unable to enter nightspots.

Up to 5 per group in each karaoke room

Likewise, the above criteria apply to karaoke lounge patrons too.

The only difference is that individual rooms within the lounges may allow up to 5 people in a group. They may eat and drink inside, after which the rooms will be disinfected 15 minutes before the next session.

According to CNA, the following number of entertainment venues will be reopening:

  • 10 pubs & bars
  • 10 karaoke lounges
  • 5 nightclubs

While the pilot for pubs and bars will begin in Dec and last for 2 months, karaoke lounges and nightclubs will only reopen in Jan 2021 as they need more time to prepare.

The Jan 2021 reopening will likely last for 3 months if risks remain low, so brace yourselves for that.

Partake in social activities safely & responsibly

Though this latest update beckons more exciting things to look forward to as the new year approaches, we should remember that the pandemic is still far from over.

With Phase 3 possibly lasting for a long time, we can expect many precautionary measures to stay in place or even be tightened.

Regardless, let’s embrace the changes while adhering to the rules, to ensure that we all remain safe and can resume normal life eventually.

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