Phase 3 May Be Imposed By End 2020, Expected To Last For At Least 1 Year

Singapore has come quite far in terms of handling the Covid-19 pandemic — from baby steps into Phase 1 to the current Phase 2, which allows slightly more relaxed restrictions.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said Phase 3 may be around the corner. Singapore may usher it in by the end of 2020.


It will last until the world controls the viral spread. However, existing health measures will remain in place.

Phase 3 would last until world finds vaccine

Mr Gan said Phase 3 of Singapore’s reopening could last for a year or more, reports The Straits Times.

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He added that Phase 3 could come into play by the end of the year, if Covid-19 its kept under a tight leash in our island nation.

This means that we must continue to adhere to safe management measures such as using TraceTogether outside of our homes.

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Minister Gan reminded that Phase 3 will not be a return to pre-Covid days. As of now, the maximum group size after the transition has not been confirmed.

The final phase of Singapore’s reopening will only be lifted when viable treatments and vaccines are widely available.

Safety measures will still be in place

According to, the roadmap for Phase 3 will involve continued adherence to safe management measures.

Group sizes will still be limited to a number that will be confirmed.

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Safe distancing will continue to be compulsory, with no intermingling among groups.

Furthermore, mask-wearing is a must and those with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should get it checked out at the doctor’s as soon as possible.


While these measures may be a bummer because we all want to see each others’ faces outside, they are still necessary as the risk of infection still lingers.

Higher take-up rate of TraceTogether needed

On top of these measures, Phase 3 can only be enabled when more Singaporeans download the TraceTogether app or collect their tokens.

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This is to ensure that effective contact tracing can be done when going to workplaces, school or public spaces.

TraceTogether tokens are available at various community centres/clubs. You can find out more via this link.

Safety measures are for our wellbeing

Some of us may be disappointed because we still cannot have large class reunions or family gatherings in Phase 3.

However, one must keep in mind that as long as there is no viable commercial vaccine, going outside still exposes you to risk of infection.

Hopefully, Singaporeans will play their part to be socially responsible to bring our country towards Phase 3 and beyond.

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